The price is RMB 99900-139900, and the new third generation Pentium B70 is officially launched

On November 28, the “new third generation Pentium B70” was released in the form of cloud live broadcast. A total of six new models were launched, with the price of RMB 99900-139900. At the same time, the new car “seven gifts, four free four lifetime” policy, to meet the user’s “one-time purchase, life-long worry free” beautiful vision. < / P > < p > from now on to December 31, 2020, users who purchase the new third-generation Pentium B70 will be able to enjoy a maximum of 10000 yuan of replacement subsidies, up to 8000 yuan of financial subsidies, surprise packages, exclusive butler services and other “seven luxury gifts”. At the same time, they can enjoy free vehicle damage insurance, vehicle and vessel tax exemption, compulsory insurance exemption, free participation in the “Pentium good car owner UBI innovation insurance program”, and obtain lifelong vehicle warranty, lifelong free basic maintenance, lifelong free road rescue, and lifelong traffic worry free. < p > < p > the launch of the new third generation Pentium B70 has overturned the tradition that the real host of the new car launch was conducted by the real host, and the field was controlled by the “Pentium yomi” throughout the whole process, and high-energy intelligence was demonstrated. In the heavy link of price release, FAW Pentium is also “out of the ordinary”, canceling the traditional link of price announcement by leaders, and “Pentium yomi” should be the leading role. Regardless of the relaxed and humorous hosting style or the intelligent performance of high energy online, it can be regarded as the innovation highlight of the new car launch live broadcast, which makes users full of expectations for the “Pentium yomi” carried by the new car. < / P > < p > in the live broadcast room of the launch conference, the famous talk show actor twin sister Yan Yi Yanyue launched a talk show performance around the brand-new third generation Pentium B70, shaking the burden and laughing constantly, which perfectly explained the “five new” advantages of the new car. They talk about the fact that it is not people who can keep their perfect figure all the time, but the brand-new third generation Pentium B70. They are born with “sexy surface” and never walk out of shape. In the past, they can only call each other’s mobile phone when they forget to take their keys when they go out. Now they can only forget to bring their mobile phones when they have digital keys. Automatic driving can make passers-by not care about the gender of the driver in the car < / P > < p > constantly strengthening the “user experience as the center” and continuously narrowing the emotional distance with users are the “killer mace” of Pentium brand which is popular among users. On the same day, Mr. Feng, the representative of the first batch of owners of the new third generation Pentium B70, entered the studio to share the wonderful stories and testify the product strength. He said frankly that through the test drive of the new third generation Pentium B70, the new car has strong power, smooth transmission, solid chassis when cornering, sports and advanced feeling brought by big hatchback, hidden door handle and integrated dual screen, which are important reasons for him to take the new car under his command. < / P > < p > China’s sedan market has been surging in the dark for a long time. The newly upgraded car buyers no longer have a cold and prefer the traditional sedan with homogeneous basic functions, and have higher expectations for “a better life and a wonderful trip”. FAW Pentium aims to promote the transformation of automobile definition from functional type to experiential type. Based on the brand-new design language “sexy surface of light and shadow philosophy” and brand-new technical architecture, FAW Pentium B70 creates a new third generation Pentium B70 for new generation users. Thanks to the use of variable curvature design, GT style hatchback, Ge element headlight and other design languages, the new third generation Pentium B70 creates the beauty of national fashion, luxury and sports rhythm, and meets the advanced sense, ritual sense and pride required by the new generation of travel; 2800mm super long wheelbase and 4810mm ultra long body break the inherent value of traditional family sedan; it is equipped with “the third generation 1.5T” wisdom The “Qingdong power ‘+ 7-speed wet dual clutch” gold power assembly, with a maximum power of 124kw, peak torque of 258n. M, 39.06% ultra-high thermal efficiency, and master chassis adjustment, bring users the “stable, accurate, hard and economical” control experience comparable to luxury brand cars. < p > < p > in terms of safety, the new third-generation Pentium B70 is based on creating an all ecological protection experience, adopting a “double-E” ring body structure, which can be called the “golden bell cover”; it is equipped with 14 ADAS functions such as traffic congestion assistance and automatic parking system, reaching l2.5 level automatic driving technology, which is always ready for users. The new car is also equipped with 3D holographic projection technology, digital key and intelligent Home Internet, etc., to interpret the driving experience of “service for people”. < / P > < p > rooted in technology, focusing on quality, stronger than experience and becoming a brand, the brand-new third generation Pentium B70, through the “five new” leapfrog advantages of new design, new space, new control, new security and new intelligence, directly meets the upgrading needs of new citizens, and creates product value beyond the strong joint venture sedan. In the “people and car life scene”, it can bring users a stronger sense of pride, more advanced sense, deeper sense of identity and greater sense of value, which can be called the model of “new national family sedan”. < p > < p > < p > a good car is rushing forward to build a new national sedan. From the release of a new design language “sexy surface of light and shadow philosophy” to the official announcement of naming; from the official appearance to the official offline and pre-sale The brand-new third generation Pentium B70 every step of “big action”, has been the continuous attention of consumers, media and industry. The official listing of this time undoubtedly sounded the clarion call of FAW Pentium to formally fight for the car market. In the future, can this “new national sedan” break the barriers of joint venture brand building and make the new generation realize the dream of “one step in place”? We’ll see! Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?