The price of 55 inch TV is as high as 49999 yuan. Xiaomi TV may not be able to afford it

As for the second new product of Xiaomi TV master series, I have thought of OLED and 8K, and also thought that it would be a super high price product, and even estimated the price would exceed 20000 yuan, reflecting the “sincerity” of Xiaomi TV to make a high-end customized version of the product to present Xiaomi company’s 10th anniversary. < / P > < p > however, Xiaomi TV pushed a 55 inch revealed OLED TV; LGD gave Xiaomi the opportunity of mass production of OLED transparent screen; what’s more, Xiaomi “boldly” priced this 55 inch OLED TV at a high price of 49999 yuan, which not only became the most expensive product in the history of Xiaomi TV, but also might be the highest price 55 inch product in the whole color TV market. < / P > < p > the reason why they dare to bid a price of 49999 yuan is that it is a display screen of the future world and a transparent OLED screen. It uses 55 inch transparent OLED and supports 120Hz refresh rate. The price is 49999 yuan, which also sets a new price for millet TV. Xiaomi transparent TV is the first mass-produced transparent TV in the world. The display part adopts a whole transparent OLED self-luminous screen, which makes the future screen that can only be seen in science fiction movies come into reality, and the picture is like floating in the air. < / P > < p > in addition, Xiaomi transparent TV still belongs to master series, and its performance configuration is “full of material”. It uses a 55 inch transparent OLED screen, which has 150000:1 contrast and infinite dynamic contrast. The screen can display more details in the light and dark. This screen is not only transparent, but also super first-class quality. Its dci-p3 color gamut has reached 93%, and the ultimate restoration of real color, bringing more realistic color effect. 10 bit color depth, 1.07 billion primary color display, far beyond the human eye can identify the rich color, color transition is more smooth and uniform, at the same time, 120Hz refresh rate + 120Hz The motion compensation of MEMC also brings a smoother and clearer dynamic picture. The 1ms super fast screen panel response speed makes the game screen natural and smooth without residual drag shadow. < / P > < p > a 98 inch 4K TV Xiaomi only costs 19999 yuan, while a 55 inch OLED TV costs 49999 yuan. So what is the value of Xiaomi’s new master series? < p > < p > for this price, Lei Jun admitted that the cost was too high, and said it was also the world’s first mass-produced transparent TV. Different from the transparent TV concept machine on the market, Xiaomi transparent TV is the world’s first transparent OLED TV for mass production. Mass production means that it has to pass a series of certification tests before it can be approved for listing. Therefore, in the host part, millet engineers have also made a very challenging technical research around the host. Because in such a narrow space, the difficulty of technical tackling is exponential. < / P > < p > we should not only fully respect the aesthetic feeling of the industrial design of the product, but also challenge the extreme arrangement of the internal components of the TV host, which involves many problems, including but not limited to the reasonable stacking of & quot;, & quot; full module heat dissipation & quot;, & quot; EMI Interference & quot; and so on; The world’s first mass production transparent OLED TV brand & quot; is also the first transparent OLED TV OBM manufacturer in China;. The full name of OBM is OLED basic module. It refers to the whole process of R & D, system testing and manufacturing of OLED module by TV manufacturers independently. It is the ticket to judge whether an enterprise can independently develop OLED. In the field of transparent OLED, Xiaomi is the only TV brand that can be mass produced in China. < p > < p > an industry media source said to Xiaomi that the appearance of this transparent OLED TV further demonstrates Xiaomi’s “strategic determination” to impact the high-end market. At the same time, it also shows to the industry that Xiaomi not only won the first place in China’s TV market, but also has a higher “pursuit” in China’s high-end TV. However, Xiaomi TV also reflects a cruel fact in the process of rushing high: if the rice noodles do not work hard, they will not be able to afford high-end Xiaomi TV in the future. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

Author: zmhuaxia