The price of Apple mobile phone is low, and the price of second-hand is higher. Why do you still trade in the old

At present, many people don’t need to use Apple’s memory for the first time, although they don’t need to use Apple’s memory card for the first time, they still don’t need to use their hands to clean up the memory Users with low requirements can continue to use it. If 6sp is compared with Android of the same year, Android is no longer able to use it. Another major feature of Apple mobile phone is that it can maintain its value. The current 16g version of 6sp can be sold for 600 or 700 yuan as long as it is not disassembled or repaired. However, it is estimated that Android in the same period can only replace kitchen knives and scissors. The old iPhones that you don’t want to use can be sold on the second-hand Internet, or they can be exchanged for new ones through Apple stores. However, Xiaobian found an interesting phenomenon is that, even if the price of Apple store is lower, most of the fruit powder still uses the trade in business, and does not like to trade through second-hand channels. < / P > < p > in the case of second-hand channel transactions, it is obvious that the price is much higher than that of exclusive stores. In fact, we can conduct our own evaluation through many second-hand recycling websites. Generally speaking, the prices of official websites and recycling are particularly low, but why do you like official website transactions? There may be the following reasons: < / P > < p > first of all, the “lazy man” can save a lot of sails by swapping the old machine for the new one on the official website, which can directly replace the old machine with a new one, which can save a lot of money. Then, you can mail the old iPhone to the address given by the official according to the requirements, and the estimated money can be directly sent to your card. There is no doubt about the convenience. < / P > < p > secondly, it is entirely Apple’s own operation to trade in the old on the official website, so it is more reliable and reliable than most of the recycling agencies or private second-hand transactions. Although there are many franchised stores cooperating with apple, Apple has a strict access system, and these franchised stores do not dare to make mistakes. After sales and service quality are the lifeline of Apple company, so most of the results have been achieved Pink or choose a more reliable official to trade in the old for the new. < / P > < p > Third, if your mobile phone is upgraded to the latest system to trade in the old, Apple also has incentives. The price of recycling old mobile phones is higher than other users, so this is one of the reasons why people choose to trade in the old one on the official website. < / P > < p > many fruit noodles have concerns when they choose other channels to trade used mobile phones. We often hear that when a fish buys an old mobile phone, a bad buyer changes accessories. After receiving the goods, many buyers put on their ID, and then ask for the refund ID money from the seller. It is because of so many concerns that users who choose to trade in the old for the new are more likely to choose the official one More. < / P > < p > generally speaking, although the price deducted by the official website for old mobile phones is low, it is far more secure than that of third-party transactions. Although the third-party transactions can be hundreds of yuan more, the uncertainty and fraud are even more frightening. This is also the reason why Apple’s official website exchanges old phones for new ones. Although the discount is low, there are many people using this method. What do you do with the old iPhones , you can leave a message for discussion. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!