The price of sharing power bank increases quietly! How many times can you buy one by yourself? Do you still use it?

“Charged 50 minutes, charged me 6 yuan, not a dollar an hour ago?” After five years of development, many users who are used to sharing the power bank suddenly find that this humble and inseparable power bank has become a small “gold gobbler”. Tiktok, who love mobile menace from the rear and chatting with WeChat, likes to rush out of the mobile phone. The sharing of

has helped her solve this worry. But recently, she began to think about bringing an extra power bank when she went out. Last Sunday, Ms. Wu ate in a shopping mall in Chaoyang District, Beijing. She rented the recharging treasure for only 30 minutes and deducted 3 yuan. “I remember last year it was one dollar an hour. When did it go up several times?” < p > < p > Ms. Wu opened the secret free payment before, so she didn’t pay attention to the settlement amount. She felt that she had been cut off leeks unconsciously. “If my friends hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have noticed the price increase. According to my frequency of use, it is estimated that the money spent will be enough to buy a power bank for myself < / P > < p > unlike Ms. Wu, who frequently uses the shared power bank, Mr. He only uses it occasionally. In his impression, the rental price of the power bank is only one yuan an hour, which is very convenient to use. However, the shared power bank has caused problems while solving the urgent need. < / P > < p > “it is shown on the mobile phone that the nearby outlets can be returned, but when you go there, you find that the machine is full, and sometimes you forget to return it.” In September last year, he borrowed a “street electricity” power bank, but there was no vacancy in the nearby outlets. A few days later, Mr. He was capped and charged 99 yuan, which belonged to him. “But in fact, this kind of ordinary power bank is not worth 99 yuan at all. In case of discount on e-commerce platform, you can buy 10000 Ma fast charging mobile power supply for 50 or 60 yuan.” < / P > < p > in addition to being forced to buy back the power bank due to the failure to return it, some consumers also encountered the situation of being charged 99 yuan on the complaint of black cat. “Last year, I used the hsuedian power sharing power bank. At that time, it showed that it was returned successfully, and 4 yuan was deducted. Recently, when I wanted to use it again, it showed that I didn’t return it last time, and now I have to deduct 99 yuan.” < / P > < p > in view of the price increase of the shared power bank, the reporter consulted a number of enterprises. The customer service of Jiedian said that recently, the prices of some cabinets have increased slightly. It is the stores in different regions that adjust the charging standards according to the market situation, not the unified price increase of the platform. Monster charging also said that different businesses have different charging standards. < / P > < p > in order to verify the above reply, China News Network reporter recently visited Beijing’s tourist attractions, shopping malls and other places, and found that the price of the shared power bank is closely related to its location, and each household has increased to varying degrees. < p > < p > specifically, the daily capped price of “street electricity” has increased from 20 yuan to 30 yuan; except for scenic spots, the price of other places with large traffic volume has increased to 3 yuan / hour. < p > < p > < p > “meituan” is a new player in the power bank market, but it is not a low-cost route. In the scenic spots, it is as high as 6 yuan / hour, while in other places with large flow of people, it is 3 yuan / hour. < / P > < p > < p > the daily capped price of “monster” is 28 yuan, second only to “Jiedian”; it is worth noting that the unit time price of the brand is 4 yuan per hour regardless of location. < / P > < p > from the visit situation, the use price of each household increased generally. Compared with the previous “one yuan per hour” price, “meituan” power bank price increased five times. According to song Xiangqing, vice president of the China Association of business economics, the main reason for the price increase of the shared power bank is the increase of market demand, while the new supply can not meet the demand. In addition, the rising maintenance cost leads to the price rise of the shared power bank. These are pure market behaviors and strategies and means for enterprises to participate in market competition. However, song Xiangqing also said that due to many new things in the field of sharing economy, many legal issues were not reflected in the legal provisions, leading to the lack of supervision and supervision of some sharing power banks and other sharing economy. Therefore, it is the only way to strengthen the supervision and strengthen the supervision effect. < p > < p > the sharing power bank takes off with the concept of “sharing economy”. In 2014, Dawei founded ofo, bringing the “sharing economy” model into the public view. In the following year, more and more players joined the game, and more and more players joined the game. < / P > < p > after experiencing Wang Sicong’s query that “sharing the power bank can make me eat Xiang”, in 2017, four enterprises, namely monster charging, small power, street power and calling, won a total of RMB 1 billion in financing. With the exit of small and medium-sized players, by the second half of 2019, a market pattern with “three electrics and one beast” as the head has been basically formed. According to the data of professional edition of Tianyan, there are 160 project brands related to the keyword “shared power bank”. However, according to trustdata, in 2019, the “three electric and one animal” four companies have occupied 96.3% of the share power bank market. Among the four companies, Jiedian ranked first with 28.6% of the market share, followed by small power and monster with 27% and 25.1% respectively, and the call ranked fourth with 15.6% market share. < / P > < p > in the past few years of expansion, in order to cultivate users’ habits, different companies have adopted the low price mode. The strategy of “free for the first half hour” and “only one yuan per hour” spread throughout the whole shared power bank market. < / P > < p > in order to be able to settle in more stores, the agents offer the merchants enough attractive conditions. The person in charge of a hot pot shop in Haidian District of Beijing told China news. Com that they installed two charging cabinets with 24 chargers in their restaurant, and signed a 70% revenue contract with brand merchants. < / P > < p > the person in charge calculated an account for the reporter. If a power bank is used five times a day, according to the single use fee of 3 yuan, the two cabinet machines can bring about 15000 yuan of sharing income to the hotpot store every month. < / P > < p > as for the entertainment places like KTV, it is the place that the merchants sharing the power bank must contend for. Agents in order to settle in, in addition to sharing 70% – 80%, will also give an additional 10000 yuan. But even so, due to the high unit price, the cost can be recovered within half a year. < / P > < p > businesses are full, not to mention the sharing of power bank enterprises. According to iResearch consulting data, in 2019, the total transaction volume of the shared power bank industry reached 7.91 billion yuan, an increase of 141.3% over the same period of last year. All four platforms in the industry have achieved profits. < p > < p > in 2017, when Chen ou, founder of Jumei Youpin and chairman of Jiedian, invested in “Jiedian”, Wang Sicong was not optimistic about the industry of shared power. Today, the price of the shared power bank has generally increased, and it has entered the “harvest period” like the bicycle sharing industry. How does Wang Sicong feel now? According to AI media consulting, the number of users of China’s shared power bank will reach 408 million in 2020. But the question is, can the rising voice of a shared power bank still attract so many users? 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