The price of Sony ps5 is about 2800 yuan, and it is said that the reservation will be opened on September 9

Sony ps5 is expected to open on September 9 and go global on November 20, according to the source Ironman ps5, who also gave the price information of Sony ps5. < p > < p > according to the information released by Ironman ps5, the digital version of Sony’s ps5 will cost $399; the price of Blu ray drive will be $499, which is basically consistent with the previous rumors that the price of the device will be about $299-399. < / P > < p > according to the information previously exposed, Sony ps5 has made great adjustments compared with the PS4. Its core will be composed of eight 3.5GHz variable frequency zen2 chips, while the PS4 is only 1.6GHz Jaguar chip, so the game will be smoother. In addition, foreign anchor lance McDonald, who claims to have inside information about Sony, has revealed that he wants to clarify to players that ps5 can be downward compatible with all PS4 games. Science Discovery