The price of the iPhone 12 is exposed, the cost increases greatly, and the price does not rise? Don’t worry. It’s a pit!

  。 Some netizens are very strange about this, because whether it is the appearance of the iPhone 12, the configuration of the iPhone 12, or the system interface of the latest version of ios14, < / P > < p > as early as last year’s iPhone 12 came out to be equipped with 5g network, some people in the industry analyzed that the price of the iPhone 12 might exceed that of the iPhone XS, which had the highest price Max, after all, the development cost and installation cost of 5g are not small. According to the analysis of professionals, the average cost of each iPhone 12 will increase by US $125 in terms of 5g accessories alone, not including the miscellaneous costs of frequency band, let alone the baseband carried by iPhone 12 this time is no longer the Intel baseband with “signal gate”, but with Qualcomm’s snapdragon x55 5g, the most expensive item of all iPhone 12 parts. However, judging from the price of the iPhone 12 series just released today, it is far beyond everyone’s expectation. I didn’t expect that the price of the iPhone 12 was not extremely high, but the price was very user-friendly. The lowest price is 699 US dollars, and the highest price is 1399 US dollars. In domestic RMB, the price is from 7835 yuan to 9678 yuan, which is not much different from the original price of iPhone 11. The price of the iPhone 12 is exposed, the cost increases greatly, and the price does not rise? Don’t worry. It’s a pit! < / P > < p > so what is the reason that the price of the 5g iPhone 12 is not as high as expected? The price of the iPhone 12 with 5g is exposed, and the lowest price is only $699. Don’t worry, this is a hole! First of all, from the current system parameters of < / P >, the battery shrinkage is shown! And the reduction is 30%, which is amazing. Today’s smartphone users have no higher requirements for system fluency than battery life. After all, no matter Apple’s IOS or Android system, the system operation is now very smooth. In addition, mobile games are popular, and the durability of a mobile phone’s battery becomes the most critical competitiveness. However, according to the test results of some foreign friends who have already obtained the testing machine, although the iPhone 12 battery has been greatly reduced, its service life has increased instead of falling. According to the analysis of insiders, it is very likely that the power consumption of A14 chip greatly reduces the energy consumption of the system, which leads to the shrinkage of the battery and the increase of battery life. < / P > < p > there is another very important reason that the price of the iPhone 12 is not so high. Don’t forget that the previous iPhone will come with a charger and headset when you buy it. However, there is no headset or charger for the iPhone 12 this time. That is to say, if users want to use the new iPhone 12 perfectly, they have to replace them with separate chargers and headphones. < / P > < p > that’s just robbing Peter to pay Paul. You know, the price of Apple’s official charger charging cable and headphones are not cheap. If you add the money for these two components, the iPhone 12 is not much cheaper. What apple is playing this time is a game full of twists and turns. It seems that the iPhone 12 is cheap, but if you buy the comprehensive equipment, it is a little bit cheaper It’s not much cheaper. < / P > < p > so in the face of the pricing of iPhone 12 this year, will domestic fruit powder rush to buy it? At present, what should be bought will still be bought. There will always be fans with the same amount of money, but how much can be sold in the end is still unknown. Privacy Policy