The price of the iPhone 12 is fully exposed. You can’t hold your wallet

If there are any mobile phones to look forward to in the second half of the year, the iPhone 12 must be a high-profile series. According to the Convention, the press conference will be released at the end of September, and this year or for some reasons. However, news about the iPhone 12 is pouring in. Recently, there are reports on the A14 chip of the iPhone 12. According to foreign media reports, the iPhone 12 will use a 5nm process A14 processor. Compared with the previous generation A13, Apple’s performance improvement on A14 is simple and crude, with CPU increased by 40% and GPU improved by 50%. The reliability of the information is not known. < / P > < p > in addition, the new 5nm chip also provides 1.8 times the logic density compared with the previous generation A13, which has a certain proportion of reduction in performance and power consumption. < / P > < p > and recently, according to foreign media reports, some people leaked out the screen photos of iPhone 12, which does not seem to be much different from that of iPhone 11. It may not be good news for consumers who want to have smaller “bangs”. < / P > < p > what is worth mentioning today is that according to the latest information disclosed by foreign media, the price of the new iPhone 12 is basically the same as that of last year’s iPhone 11, but the prices of the other three models with higher configuration have all increased. This is reasonable. After all, with the support of 5g, the cost rise is also natural. The specific price information is as follows: < / P > < p > it should be noted that the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Max 5g 64g versions are not sure whether they exist. At present, the majority of users generally believe that 64GB can no longer meet the demand, and they are happy to see the leap of 128GB storage capacity. However, if the initial capacity increase is at the cost of a price increase, it may be better to keep a 64GB version. < / P > < p > converting this price into RMB, the starting price of iPhone 12 in China may be about 5299 yuan, but the price of the emperor’s iPhone 12 Pro Max is estimated to reach 15000 yuan. < / P > < p > in the past years, the price of new iPhones is usually difficult to predict, and the selling price belongs to marketing information, so the possibility of leakage is very small. < / P > < p > the prices of new iPhones that appear now are generally forecasts made by informants based on past generations of iPhones and rumors of new iPhones, for your reference only. < / P > < p > in addition, this year’s iPhone 12 will still implement the trade in policy, which will ensure that users can start the new iPhone at a very low price. It has become a trend for apple to trade in the old for the new one. Through this mode, apple can reduce the price of its new mobile phone to a very low price. Then, by using the interest free loan, users can buy a new iPhone at a low price, which has a good promotion effect on improving Apple’s sales. < / P > < p > in addition, Ross young, the God of the industry, recently said on overseas social media that the iPhone 12 series does not carry a screen driver IC that supports a 120Hz refresh rate, so it is not suitable for a 120Hz refresh rate screen. This means that even if the screen purchased by Apple can support 120Hz refresh rate, but due to the lack of driver IC, the final mass production can not achieve a 120Hz refresh rate, which is undoubtedly a bit disappointing. < / P > < p > finally, Mingmei infinity would like to say that this year’s iPhone 12 will carry 5g. In terms of the current base station construction and package charges, many people may not be able to use 5g network when using 5g mobile phones, and the package charges are also relatively high. Of course, the processor and ecology of iPhone are better, but there are still some innovations in refresh rate, fast charging technology and appearance design. What kind of surprise will Apple give us this year? < / P > < p > of course, this autumn new product launch will be held online, which may reduce some of the previous ostentation, but it will be thankful for many fruit noodles to be able to carry out as scheduled in September. After facing so much information, how much can the iPhone 12 series come true? Let’s wait and see. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine