The price of the top iPhone has dropped to 88256gb from 9999

The iPhone 12 series is about to be released, and many of Apple’s old flagship brands have begun to cut prices. A few days ago, the author found that the price of the top Apple mobile phone, the iPhone 11pro max, has dropped from 9999 yuan to 8899 yuan on a third-party platform. < / P > < p > as the most powerful product in the apple camp, the price reduction of iPhone 11 Pro Max really makes many users excited. However, in my opinion, the machine is not worth buying. The price of 8899 yuan is not low. In the Android camp, users can choose the top flagship at will. Even for the upcoming iPhone 12 series, the price of the high-end version will be no more than that. < / P > < p > of course, in addition to the high price of the product, the more important reason why I don’t recommend buying the iPhone 11pro Max is that many functions of the machine have lagged behind the competitors, and the user experience is not very good from the current perspective. < p > < p > the iPhone 11pro Max is equipped with Apple’s A13 processor, which is the strongest mobile phone chip in the past year, although the A14 processor will replace the chip in the near future. But for Android, whether it is the Kirin 9000 to be released or the snapdragon 875 to be launched next year, Apple’s A13 processor is still an insurmountable mountain in terms of performance. However, the performance advantage can not make up for the lack of function. < / P > < p > in fact, at present, most mobile phones have the problem of over performance, so it is not obvious for users to improve the performance advantages blindly. As a result, more intuitive new functions and new technologies can be displayed, so that more and more consumers pay attention to it. In the past two years, 5g technology is the most concerned by global users. Faster Internet access speed and shorter delay time will be realized by 5g technology. < p > < p > since the end of last year, 5g mobile phones have gradually become popular, until now the lowest price of 5g mobile phones has reached 100 yuan. Although the problem of network coverage and tariff has not been solved, it is the general trend for 5g mobile phones to replace 4G products. In this context, spending nearly 9000 yuan to buy a 4G device is obviously more than the gain. < / P > < p > of course, there is no denying that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a lot of brilliance. With 256gb running memory, users don’t have to clean up the space. The 6.5-inch 2K resolution screen not only shows excellent picture details, but also gives users a strong sense of immersion. < / P > < p > Apple has never been at the top of the DxO list, but in terms of imaging quality, the iPhone 11 Pro Max undoubtedly reaches the top level. Overall, the iPhone 11pro Max is still a mobile phone with high premium and low overall strength. In the price range of 9000 yuan, consumers have better models to choose from. What do you think of this? Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction