The profitability is better than that of Cambrian, and LanChi technology, with a market value of 100 billion, has entered the AI chip market

In recent years, due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and its application in all walks of life, the demand for new chips such as IOT chips and AI chips has increased dramatically. On the whole, the demand for AI chips from the cloud to the edge can bring market opportunities of more than 10 billion US dollars. According to the latest report of ABI research, it is estimated that by 2025, the edge AI chip market will reach 12.2 billion US dollars, while the cloud AI chip market will reach 11.9 billion US dollars. < / P > < p > all kinds of intelligent devices have strong demand for AI chips, which contains more than US $30 billion in market cake. As the commanding point of the era of artificial intelligence, chips, including NVIDIA, Intel and other traditional chip giants, have launched a variety of AI chips suitable for different needs. At the same time, new AI chips such as Cambrian and horizon have emerged. As a hot AI chip innovation enterprise in China, Cambrian is favored by the capital after landing on the science and technology innovation board despite years of losses. The market value of Cambrian is as high as 100 billion on that day, with an increase of 230% in the whole day. As of August 14, its market value was 85 billion yuan, ranking sixth in the science and technology innovation board. < / P > < p > chip is a technology intensive field, which needs huge R & D funds, resulting in continuous losses in Cambrian. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, the losses were 380 million, 41 million and 1.18 billion respectively, and the accumulated losses in the three years were as high as 1.6 billion yuan. In the first half of 2020, the loss is expected to be about 220 million yuan, mainly due to the continuous decline of net profit caused by the increase of R & D investment. In the face of competition from chip manufacturers such as Intel, NVIDIA, Huawei and arm, there is a big gap in the overall scale, capital strength and R & D reserves of Cambrian. At the same time, LanChi technology disclosed that in the first half of 2020, it has started the research and development of AI related chips for cloud data center, with an estimated total investment of 537 million yuan. < / P > < p > compared with Cambrian, LanChi technology has super high profitability. In the first half of 2020, the revenue will be 1.09 billion yuan, and the net profit will be 600 million yuan, an increase of 33.43% over the same period of last year, with the net profit rate as high as 55.2%. It is worth mentioning that NVIDIA is the first manufacturer in the world to benefit from the dividend of artificial intelligence. Major technology giants can not train AI systems without GPU. NVIDIA is the world’s largest GPU company, showing a high-speed growth trend in the data center sector. < / P > < p > in the first quarter of the 2021 fiscal year ending April 26, 2020, NVIDIA’s revenue from data centers increased by 80% year-on-year to $1.14 billion. At the same time, NVIDIA is also rising in the capital market, becoming the largest chip company in the United States. Up to now, NVIDIA has a market value of $284.5 billion, while Intel, the CPU giant, has a market value of only $207.9 billion, which is $76.6 billion higher. < / P > < p > a semiconductor giant with more than 50 years of history, it is a pity that Intel’s market value was surpassed by NVIDIA in the era of artificial intelligence. It should be pointed out that in the era of mobile Internet, Intel can not make high-performance smart phone chips, which leads to the rise of arm, and it is constantly invading the CPU field. Huawei is actively developing arm server chips, Amazon AWS cloud server is also designing arm design chips, and apple computer will also adopt chips based on ARM architecture. < / P > < p > although Intel still has a strong voice in the CPU field, facing the attack of AMD, arm, NVIDIA and other manufacturers, especially NVIDIA is expected to acquire arm, which makes Intel face a major test in various market segments. Especially driven by apple, it has a far-reaching impact on the industrial chain. More and more giants are bound to join the arm camp, which will bring competitive pressure to Intel. < / P > < p > chips will define the industrial chain of Internet of things and artificial intelligence. Internet giants such as Google, Amazon, Baidu and Alibaba are also actively developing relevant AI chips to reduce their dependence on chip giants. Baidu released Kunlun AI chip and Honghu AI chip. Google TPU has been upgraded to the third generation. Although it does not sell TPU chips directly, it shares TPU chips with the world in combination with cloud and tensorflow. That is to say, cloud services based on TPU chips are open to the outside world. Developers or third parties use cloud TPU to train artificial intelligence. < / P > < p > Alibaba also released 800 chips with light for cloud vision processing scenes. There are also Cambrian, horizon and many other AI chip players on the subdivision track. It can be said that the global AI chip on this track presents a situation of competing for the best, all walks of life actively rush to seize the commanding height of artificial intelligence. However, NVIDIA and Intel are still high-performance chip giants. It’s a long way to go for them to leverage their positions! < / P > < p > finally, the scale of Nb IOT and 5g deployment is expanding day by day, supporting tens of billions of intelligent devices to connect to the network. The market demand for Artificial Intelligence Computing is increasing day by day, and the huge demand for chips from intelligent devices can release ten billion US dollars of market opportunities. Under the leadership of NVIDIA, AI chip will accelerate the implementation of artificial intelligence. < p > < p > Yang Jianyong is a Forbes columnist and a contract writer of Netease, and has won the best contract author of the year for three consecutive years. Committed to in-depth interpretation of 5g, Internet of things economy and artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, the views and research strategies are cited by many authoritative media and well-known enterprises. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”