The quality of water can be seen: experience of Qinyuan lrd5911-5d water purification machine

I almost forget how many times I want to drink water when I go home. Either it’s too hot to make my mouth water, or I forget to boil the water when I go out. I have to wait for the water to cool before I enter. I want to buy a water purification machine that is hot and free of installation to solve this problem. During this period, many brands have been paid attention to, but I still don’t understand why the waste water discharged from most brands of all-in-one water purifier still flows back into the water tank while making water, which is obviously unscientific. One day, I saw the design of separation of raw water and wastewater. The original filter element was also sent to the blueprint. In order to buy early and enjoy early, the price was reasonable. After considering the actual needs of our family, Suning E-mart started Qinyuan lrd5911-5d water purification machine. I’ll share it with you.

the owner started with white shell and lrd5911-5d of black front cover. According to the appearance difference, there are 5921, 5931 and 5951 models to choose from. The overall size of lrd5911-5d is about 423 * 183 * 388mm. The reverse osmosis filtration method with excellent water purification effect is adopted. The purified water flow is about 0.25l/min. For a desktop type water purification device, the flow rate is acceptable.

the technical parameters of the fuselage side, the water source is suitable for municipal tap water, the applicable water temperature is 5-38 degrees, the ambient temperature is 4-40 degrees, and the environmental humidity is less than or equal to 90%. Basically, it can be used normally in indoor environment.

the main body of the water tank designed for the separation of raw water and waste water is also one of the important reasons for the building owner to choose lrd5911-5d. The non reflux of wastewater also means that the service life of the filter element can be improved to a certain extent. Subjectively, it is more comfortable to use.

after removing the water tank, the lrd5911-5d has not been installed with the filter element. If you look inside, the waterway is still more complicated. In terms of waterway material, lrd5911-5d adopts the same bisphenol a material as the national standard milk bottle, and its safety is excellent.

in the display and operation area above the front of lrd5911-5d, the raw water TDS, purified water TDS, filter element usage, water temperature, water quantity selection and one key water outlet button can be seen by power on, which is intuitive and easy to operate.

for different use scenarios, lrd5911-5d provides us with multi gear temperature adjustment function. Boiling water is suitable for making tea, warm water is suitable for brewing milk powder with a temperature not too high, and normal temperature is suitable for direct drinking in summer. A water purification and drinking machine can meet the needs of various application scenarios and has strong practicability.

the three standard filter elements are melt blown polypropylene carbon fiber composite filter element PPC, reverse osmosis membrane filter element RO and activated carbon fiber filter element. Thanks to the filter life prompt function of lrd5911-5d, we can clearly know when the filter element can continue to be used and when the filter element needs to be replaced, which is a very intimate design.

the core RO reverse osmosis membrane filter core can remove Escherichia coli and reduce the content of heavy metals such as lead, chromium and arsenic. The official suggested that the replacement period should be two years. It can be seen that the organic impurities can be reduced by 888-12 months, and the organic impurities can be reduced by 888-6 months.

the installation and debugging are relatively simple. The main task is to install the three filter elements on the host. The CTO activated carbon fiber filter element needs to be installed first. The appearance adopts a unidirectional installation structure, so there is no need to worry about the wrong installation.

the following is the emptying operation after adding water and electrifying. The manual requires that steps 6-8 should be repeated six times. The main building owner tested it with TDS detector. The TDS of the first two times was really high. After about three times, the effluent basically reached the level of pure water.

take a look at the changes before and after the water purification. The water quality of the building owner’s tap water is actually good, and the actual measurement is about 57. Of course, there is still a big gap from the direct drinking. Secondly, the smell of bleaching powder in the water is relatively strong. After using the water appliances at home for a period of time, there will be scale problems of different degrees.

after six times of water preparation and emptying, the TDS value is directly reduced to 3, which fully meets the standard of direct drinking, which is cleaner than most bottled water sold in the market. For people concerned about mineral issues, the content of water itself is very small, and filtration will not have much impact on human body.

the operation is relatively simple. The first is to select the water temperature. Lrd5911-5d provides normal temperature, warm water and boiling water. The normal temperature is suitable for direct drinking in summer. Warm water is convenient for brewing milk powder. Boiling water is suitable for tea making. Although there are not many water temperature grades provided by lrd5911-5d, it can meet the water temperature requirements of most application scenarios.

the winding type thick film heating fast heating technology is adopted. In fact, when boiling water is selected, hot water can be produced in about 3-4 seconds. The heating efficiency is very fast, and basically there is no need to wait. This is very important for the owner of the building.

in addition, in boiling water mode, lrd5911-5d also provides a child lock function, which can be used normally only after long pressing the child lock key to unlock. For families with children at home, the safety is worthy of affirmation. The quiet effect of lrd5911-5d is also quite good, and it can also have a quiet environment when soaking milk at night.

the cup size provides three choices, namely, large, medium and small, corresponding to 240ml, 350ml and 500ml respectively. There are few choices. If you can add a custom cup size, it will be more perfect.

taking a 350ml medium cup as an example, it takes about 40 minutes from the water making process to the completion of the work. For the main compact tabletop type water purifier, the 100g flux of lrd5911-5d is relatively good. It does not need to wait for a long time to drink normal temperature, warm water or boiling water.

as the first direct drinking machine of the owner’s house, lrd5911-5d not only brings more safe drinking water to the family, but also changes their living habits in essence. Before that, drinking water at home was basically about getting up early and boiling, half into thermos bottles and half into cold water bottles. After forgetting, they might have to cook and drink immediately. It was too hot to say, and it took time. After changing Qinyuan lrd5911-5d, these situations never happened again. Whether you want to drink normal temperature, warm water or need boiling water to make tea, it’s a one click solution It’s convenient. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865