The radio assembled in India has a lot of troubles, so the Americans have to return it twice

As we all know, there seems to be a magic power in India, and all kinds of equipment they pass through will have strange failures. They’re repairing planes, they’re wrecking ships. For example, in 2016, a frigate overhauled at Bombay shipyard turned over in the dock. Another example: the board had make complaints about the 40 years since the establishment of the India air force. A total of 1000 aircraft have been dropped. However, the crash rate of any aircraft assembled by Hindustan Airlines is extremely high. < p > < p > Eaton E1, which is assembled by India, seems to have not escaped the “Curse” above. With constant failures, it has been sold for a few years and stopped production. I am really sorry for this well-designed radio. It’s just a pity for us, and we don’t have much loss. But the customers who bought the radio for real money were miserable. The American in the following article returned the goods twice before he bought a normal machine. Let’s take a look at his experience! The purchase process of < / E1 > made me a little upset. I returned the goods to the merchant twice. The first one was because all the function buttons failed after a few seconds of starting up; the second time, I returned the goods because there was a horizontal black line on the screen near the “VFO” button. < / P > < p > I’ve read all sorts of other terrible stories about this radio on the Internet, and I’m still thinking, “well, the failure rate can’t be that bad.” It seems that I really know nothing about its failure rate! < p > < p > fortunately, the merchants are quite magnanimous. The third Eaton E1 sent to me is normal. However, you have to think about the quality control of this radio. Didn’t the Indian manufacturer that assembled the radio follow the same quality control process as the rest of the world? Can you imagine that anger if this failure rate occurs in ordinary consumer products such as cars and TVs?

make complaints about Tucao, now I have this E1 which is all normal, and make complaints about it very much. I used it in the attic with a dipole antenna, and the short wave performance was really excellent. I do like the old Sony icf-2010 radio, but Eaton E1 is far better than Sony icf-2010 in terms of sensitivity, function and especially sound quality. The synchronous detection and PBT functions are very good, and the frequency storage function is also good. The design of the combination of noise level indicator and signal intensity indicator is also very clever That’s a good idea. < / P > < p > optional am bandwidth is also an advantage, but I never wanted to use 7kHz bandwidth, generally speaking, 4kHz bandwidth is ideal. It’s a bit cumbersome to store and use frequency, but I think it’s good to get used to it. It’s really beneficial that users can store radio frequencies by country name. < / P > < p > as for the sound quality of Eaton E1 radio. I’ve always been a fan of Sony radio, but now I don’t know what gender’s Radio lacks in terms of sound quality. Whether it’s through the speaker, the headphone jack, or even the recording jack, the voice of Eaton E1 is amazing. < / P > < p > so pray and buy one. At least buy from reputable businesses, and if there’s a problem with the radio, you can make sure they can fix it. New product launch