“The richest man in China” has changed? In a quarter, it has 100 billion yuan in revenue, 400 billion yuan in investment and 800 companies

When it comes to “the richest man in China”, who do you think of the first time? I believe most people will think of Wang Jianlin, Ma Huateng and Ma Yun. After all, China’s richest man has been alternating among them. Not long ago, Ma Yun became the richest man in China with a value of 280 billion yuan, and even rushed to become the richest man in Asia. But it wasn’t long before Ma lost the title of China’s richest man. Ma Huateng became the richest man in China with a net worth of 45.8 billion US dollars, while Ma Huateng ranked second with 41.8 billion US dollars in net assets. It is worth noting that Huang Zheng, the founder of pinduoduo, ranks first in China’s third richest person with a net worth of US $25.7 billion, which is also the first time Huang Zheng has been ranked at the top of the list. < p > < p > China’s “two horse” entrepreneurs are Internet giants, Ma Yun is the pioneer of e-commerce industry, and Ma Huateng is the “leader” of social media industry. The product business of Alibaba and Tencent has been closely related to people’s lives, but from an objective point of view, Tencent’s coverage rate is even higher than that of Alibaba. After all, Tencent has an unshakable position in the ranks of social media users, even in entertainment, online games and other fields. Why did Ma Huateng surpass Ma Yun and become the richest man in China? The main reason is the rapid development of domestic housing economy during the storm. Housing economy mainly refers to the economy produced by people at home, such as eating takeaway at home, working at home, playing games at home, shopping at home, etc. During the storm, many people choose to play games to kill time. Tencent, the world’s largest game company, has undoubtedly got the right combination of time and place, and its revenue has also increased significantly in recent months. According to Credit Suisse, Tencent’s revenue this year is expected to exceed 102.6 billion yuan, including a net profit of 21 billion yuan. King glory and peace elite will become the main income source of Tencent games. < / P > < p > in addition, Tencent cloud’s cloud service market share also ranks first, and has entered the foreign market, covering 26 geographical regions, and the data storage scale even reaches EB level. It can be seen that Tencent’s strength in the cloud service market can not be underestimated. Alibaba cloud should be careful! In this period of time, Tencent’s digital growth is so fast that it has surpassed Ma Yun as China’s richest man. It is worth noting that Ma Yun became the richest man in Asia after Ambani’s wealth declined. Ma Huateng has now surpassed Ma Yun as the richest man in Asia. However, Ma Huateng has surpassed Ma Yun to become the richest man before. In short, the two “horses” are of equal strength, and the development of their respective companies will directly affect their value. Thanks to the continuous contribution of the game industry and the rapid rise of cloud computing, Tencent’s market value has soared to HK $4.85 trillion, and Ma Huateng has become the richest man. In fact, in addition to these familiar industries, Tencent has many advantages. For example, Tencent has invested in more than 800 companies, including financial, medical and technology industries. Among these 800 enterprises, there are more than 70 listed companies and more than 160 giant enterprises with assets of 7 billion yuan. The good development of these companies has also brought more income to Tencent, and Ma Huateng’s personal wealth has constantly set new records. According to some statistics, Ma Huateng can earn an average of 800 million yuan a day, faster than Ma Yun. That could make him the richest man in the world in the future. < p > < p > Alibaba and Tencent have penetrated into every corner of our lives, such as Taobao and wechat. Almost everyone is using these two big applications. Even some old people have wechat, and some primary school students have learned to shop online. It can be seen that these two software have also been deeply recognized by the public. From the development of Tencent and Alibaba, technology is indeed the first productivity. In the world, the founders of many technology companies are listed as the richest person in the world, such as Amazon founder Bezos, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, etc. they have made great achievements in the field of technology and Internet, and even become the world’s richest person. < p > < p > in recent years, China’s Internet has developed rapidly, and even has a certain status in the international community. Although Tencent and Alibaba are both Chinese Internet giants, they have their own characteristics in different fields. Therefore, many netizens and media often compare these two tycoons together, because they have really changed our lifestyle and rhythm. Even now, its products have gone abroad, and many foreigners are now using WeChat and Alipay. Whether or not the future will really change the world remains to be seen. Although Ma Huateng has achieved today’s achievements, we are not surprised, but many netizens said that although Ma Huateng has established his own business empire, he has developed many games, such as QQ games. Many children are addicted to games and wear small glasses. Therefore, we hope Ma Huateng can change the development mode and more for the next generation of China consider. In any case, the times are developing. I hope Ma Huateng can go more smoothly in the future, and think more about how to make China develop in a better direction in the future. 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