The robotics company bought for $2.65 billion is now “abandoned” by Uber

In order to achieve its profit goals, Uber is continuing to streamline its business. The latest move is to spin off PostMates X, the delivery robot division of the food delivery giant Postmate, which was acquired last year for $2.65 billion.

PostMates X will become an independent company and will be renamed Serve Robotics. The automated sidewalk delivery robot developed by it has been put into pilot operation. This robot recently cooperated with Pink Dot Stores to deliver goods in West Hollywood and may become the core product of the new company.

According to the deal being promoted to investors, Serve Robotics will be operated by Ali Kashani, the head of PostMates X. Anthony Armenta will lead the software work of the new company, and Aaron Leiba will be responsible for the hardware, which is the same as their position at PostMates X.

At the same time, Uber will retain part of Serve Robotics’ equity and sign a business agreement with the startup. Serve Robotics can obtain intellectual property and other assets in exchange. According to people familiar with the matter, Uber is discussing retaining approximately 25% of the new company’s shares.