The running points are 690000, 5nm, Samsung exynos 1080 is very strong, and high pass is very urgent

With more than 690000 running points, Samsung’s latest 5nm chip has been exposed, or its debut in the second half of the year is approaching. I wonder whether it is coincidence or not, the new iPhone selection is released at this time, and four iphone12 models with different configurations are launched in one breath, and each model is covered with the halo of A14 bionic chip, which brings a great impact to the smart phone market. However, the 5nm process is not unique to apple. Samsung exynos 1080 and Huawei Kirin 9000 are also flagship chips using 5nm process technology. From the perspective of the running points of Angora exposure, these two chips are better than A14 in score. < / P > < p > CPU performance ladder chart can intuitively understand the performance of popular processors in the market. In the figure, Samsung exynos 1080 and Kirin 9000 are in high-level positions, while snapdragon 8655g and snapdragon 865 are next. With Samsung’s participation, perhaps in a long time in the future, chip competition will become more and more fierce. < p > < p > according to the screenshot of mobile phone running points released by Antu rabbit, the comprehensive running score of the mysterious mobile phone equipped with Samsung exynos 1080 chip has reached 693600 points, which is even with Huawei Qilin 9000 and surpasses the 640000 high pass snapdragon 865plus. As the flagship processor of Samsung’s latest 5nm process technology, this processor will take the lead in adopting four cortex-a78 cores + four cortex-a55 small cores in terms of CPU and GPU architecture. In combination with the latest mali-g78 GPU, the core performance of the previous generation processor has been improved by 20%, and the performance is impeccable. The launch of Samsung exynos 1080 is a demonstration of its innovation and exploration in the field of high-performance mobile chips. Of course, there is also an incentive to take the lead in seizing market share by using domestic chip manufacturing crisis. In any case, Samsung’s leading and breakthrough in chip software and hardware can not be ignored. It will not only promote the development of intelligent mobile devices, but also play a role of industry balance, change the chip market pattern and increase the R & D vitality of smart phones. However, according to Dr. pan Xuebao of Samsung Semiconductor Research Institute, the chip will be targeted at China’s smart phone market. Therefore, this mysterious mobile phone running points is likely to come from a test engineering machine of a certain brand in China. According to the Convention, the flagship mobile phone carrying Samsung exynos 1080 processor will be released in the near future. This time, Apple will not be lonely on the 5nm platform. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12