The sales volume of Xiaomi 11 standard edition is amazing, and 20000 users support Lei Jun’s “true environmental protection”

At 0:00 on January 1, Xiaomi 11, the first high-end flagship of the new decade, officially went on sale. On the same night, the founder and chairman of the group and Lei Lei of CEO tiktok opened the live broadcast of the sound, adding new heat to the new product. It is worth noting that Lei Jun revealed in the live broadcast that Xiaomi 11 has provided two versions, the standard version and the package version, which are also available from 3999 yuan. Among them, the standard version without charger and data cable has sold 20000 sets. This means that 20000 consumers volunteered to contribute to environmental protection, and also supported Xiaomi’s environmental protection concept with practical actions. < p > < p > < p > Xiaomi’s call for environmental protection charger will be cancelled shortly before the announcement of Xiaomi’s random release. Previously, Apple Corp announced that the new machine did not give a charger, make complaints about many consumers, millet naturally attracted many Tucao. However, some rice noodles speculated that as early as 2015, Lei Jun proposed to cancel the attached charger. I believe Xiaomi will come up with a solution different from Apple’s. < / P > < p > sure enough, at the Xiaomi 11 press conference on December 28, things turned around. Lei Jun announced that in response to the call of science and technology and environmental protection, Xiaomi 11 provides standard version and package version for users to choose from. The standard version is no longer equipped with charger and data cable, while the package version includes 55 watt Gan charger and data cable in independent package. The most important thing is that the two versions are priced from 3999 yuan, and users can choose according to their actual needs. At the same time, Lei Jun also called on everyone to reserve the standard version to support environmental protection if there is extra fast charging. < / P > < p > this move has won praise from the industry. People in the industry have commented that compared with Apple’s shift of environmental responsibility to users, Xiaomi’s scheme gives users the right to choose environmental protection and protects users’ interests to the greatest extent. The same version of millet make complaints about the user’s attitude change from Tucao to acceptance and support. The 11 standard version of millet is called “environmental protection version”. < / P > < p > more importantly, 20000 users chose the standard version for the first sale of Xiaomi 11, supported environmental protection with actions, and stood with Xiaomi. In the live broadcast, Lei Jun expressed his gratitude and high respect to the users who chose the standard version for their understanding and support, and said that in the future, Xiaomi will continue to explore technology and environmental protection, hoping to work with the whole industry and more users to move towards a better and sustainable future. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine