“The second half of tiger’s life” is gone

According to the surging news report, on October 9, the controversial anti-cancer blogger “Huzi’s later half of his life” published an obituary saying that Huzi had died in Hainan on October 6. Huzi has released videos to record anti-cancer life, and has been questioned by netizens that the cost is huge, and the suspected sales are controversial. < / P > < p > the up owner of station B anti-cancer was exposed to be selling money fraudulently. The up owner involved in the matter claimed to be a patient with advanced lung cancer. He had shot a number of anti-cancer videos and won praise and “praise” from netizens. Later, some netizens found that he often went to high-end places, stayed in hotels for 2000 yuan a night, and did foot massage after he was diagnosed with lung cancer Therefore, it is doubted that it “earns 100000 yuan a month” by selling miserably. < p > < p > on June 2, the Red Star News reporter verified the situation with the Weifang people’s Hospital of Shandong Province, the hospital where the up owner was hospitalized. A staff member of the Department of oncology confirmed that the up master was indeed suffering from lung cancer. He came to the hospital on May 31, and had been treated in Sanya, Hainan Province. The picture shows that Sanya people’s hospital diagnosed lung adenocarcinoma for more than 4 years < / P > < p > today, the Red Star News reporter conducted a video interview on the query on the Internet. Huzi said his comments on the public are “overlord meal”, and showed reporters the winning record. “If I don’t get sick, my family is very happy, because I’m sick, I empty my family. I’m miserable enough. I don’t need to sell any more. ” < / P > < p > during the interview, the reporter heard the voice of the ambulance many times. During the interview, a nurse said to him, “tomorrow morning, I will have an empty stomach, and I will draw blood for you after 7:30.” Huzi also showed his oxygen saturation at that time, which was 91% under oxygen inhalation. < p > < p > in addition, Huzi presented to the Red Star News reporter the outpatient certificate of special diseases issued to him by Sanya social insurance bureau of Hainan Province. The disease type of outpatient service was lung Ca, namely lung cancer. < p > < p > Huzi: I went back to my hometown in Weifang on May 20, because I felt that my physical condition was not very good. I wanted to go back to my hometown as soon as possible and return to my parents’ side. At the beginning of March this year, I had a relapse. Some tests could not be done in Sanya. I wanted to come back for more detailed examinations. I came here by myself. Now my wife and son are in Hainan, and the children are in the fifth grade of primary school. < p > < p > Huzi: the asthma is more severe and the pain is more serious after the recurrence. I have pain all over my back, and now I take morphine painkillers every day at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Before each time to eat 100mg, since the hospital doctor to add to 120mg. Now the tumor in the lung has decreased, but the pain has increased and there has been pleural effusion. Now the tumor is spreading. There are tumors in the lungs, bones and lymph. The doctor said that the temporary plan first chemotherapy, do gene testing, to see if there is a gene mutation, if there is a gene mutation will take targeted drugs. I have been ill for nearly five years. At first, I sold a car when I was ill, and then I sold more than 100000 Internet cafes in 2016. My wife’s fast food restaurant was closed in April. Later, the two of us used credit cards, loans, and borrowed money from our relatives. Now we have debts of nearly 200000 yuan. < / P > < p > Huzi: I entered station B in December last year. I have counted that the reward received in half a year is more than 20000 yuan, and all the rewards are used for treatment. Every time I take painkillers in the morning and edit videos when I’m in a better state. In 2018, I used water drop to raise money, which was only circulated among relatives and friends, and raised more than 40000 yuan. He knows and will discuss my illness with me. I usually don’t involve him in my affairs, hoping to make his childhood happy, so he is more happy in the video. < p > < p > Huzi: my mother had a stroke at the end of October last year, and my brother rushed her to the hospital. Thanks to the timeliness, it had little effect on the body, so we could prevent recurrence and cerebral thrombosis. She recovered after a month or two. She was able to work in the field in January this year and squeezed 20 jin of peanut oil for me. < / P > < p > Huzi: chemotherapy started on March 7 this year. In addition to losing all my hair, I often felt nauseous and nauseous. Hormones made my face fat, but I lost a lot of weight, only 130 kg, 15 kg less than half a year ago. I don’t like to eat after chemotherapy. I don’t have a good appetite. The hot pot in January this year was the last “overlord’s meal” I ate, and I have never participated in it since. Because the body does not allow, now the blood oxygen is low, walk a little far will pant. Today, I went to check, about 100 meters, I had two breaks. < p > < p > Red Star News: how much blood oxygen now? Was your SpO2 78% in the video the night before yesterday? Generally less than 90% people will feel uncomfortable, there is a possibility of hypoxemia or respiratory failure, when you feel that you speak more normal. < / P > < p > Huzi: when I inhale oxygen, the saturation of blood oxygen is about 93%, when I don’t inhale oxygen, it’s about 82% to 86%. Normal people’s blood oxygen can not be lower than 90%, low will obviously feel suffocating. I bought a second-hand oxygen machine in September last year. When I sleep at night, I must take oxygen, otherwise I will wake up in the middle. < / P > < p > when I take oxygen now, the oxygen saturation is 91%. At that time, my blood oxygen saturation was 78% when I shot the video, because my blood oxygen level was low for a long time since last year, and I hovered around the normal value. After a long time, I would adapt a little bit more than normal people. < p > < p > Huzi: I never approve of being rewarded by others, but many kind-hearted netizens will give me rewards. I want to send a platform more is to want more traffic resources. I am currently in watermelon video, B station, good-looking video. < p > < p > Huzi: because I never drive and I have to pay for parking when I drive out. I usually ride an electric car. My wife usually drives it. She uses it for walking. < p > < p > Red Star News: on December 25, you sent a video saying that you were in a sudden situation and couldn’t eat. You encouraged netizens to recommend more and earn medical expenses for you. Two days later, on the 27th, we would eat grouper, prawn and mango snail. People suspect that this state of life is different. < p > < p >} netizens disclosed some public comment records of up master Huzi. Huzi later sent a video admitting that the account number on the public comments was his own. At present, all comments on the account have been deleted. < / P > < p > Huzi: it is. If you know about cancer patients, you will know that they may be in good health in the morning and can’t get up in the afternoon. The physical condition varies from good to bad. I have a good appetite when I’m good, and I’m in the mood to eat. < / P > < p > Huzi: I evaluated the foot therapy shop last year in order to gather the number of tasks for public comments. The picture below is not a picture of a foot therapy shop, but a picture of our community. I haven’t been in the hotel for 2000 yuan a night, just to gather comments. I don’t have to go to the hotel without staying at home. < p > < p > Red Star News: public comments Zeng officially replied that the number of times you actually won the “overlord meal” in a year in 2019 is a single digit, and there is no such thing as 300 times a year. < / P > < p > Huzi: I have made more than 270 public comments, including all the comments on tasks and winning prizes. Usually do the task, gather comments is to draw “overlord meal” the probability is bigger. I have a winning record to prove that the “overlord meal” I won in 2019 is not a single digit, at least more than 10 times. Because I said that I brush up on the public reviews, they said that there was no such situation. < p > < p > Huzi: netizens think that cancer patients should lie in bed and complain bitterly. But cancer patients are not like this. When they are in good health, they are the same as normal people. Those big meals are all free for me. Do you want me to waste them? I have two accounts, and I’ve won a total of 84 times. I didn’t take part in the “overlord’s meal” after it relapsed. < p > < p > on June 1, up’s main Huzi posted a video saying that he had two accounts in public comments, one of which was “let my little orange be happy” and the other was “happiness…” From April and may 2017 to now, the two accounts have received 84 free meals, including 44 times in the former account and 40 times in the other account. The picture is a screenshot of the winning record of the “overlord meal” part of the above account number provided by Huzi to the reporter. In order to avoid too much discussion with my family, I would like to delete too much discussion with my family. Now I want to clarify myself if I don’t delete it. < p > < p > Red Star News: in the video on May 22 in station B, the child said “grandma said you are a liar”. What did the child mean at that time? < p > < p > Huzi: that was me eating with my family, that was my brother’s child, she was not talking to me. I don’t know if there is such a sentence. If someone suddenly talks on the street, it doesn’t matter to me. < / P > < p > Huzi: I consulted the police after you called me to harass me and sent me text messages. They said that they could call the police, but I have not done so at present. If someone infringes on my rights and interests later, I will call the police. Older posts →