The second-hand iPhone 8 sold for 30000 and was robbed by many users

It is obviously not allowed by apple to bypass apple and let users directly give money to developers. Therefore, they are more resolute in their attitude and will not change their practice and kill them to the end.

as a popular game, being taken off the shelves on IOS is obviously unbearable to many players, but some users with keen business opportunities have found new ways to make money.

there are a lot of second-hand iPhones on eBay now, and the price of these models is not cheap, but they are still very popular. One of the reasons is that these machines are built-in, which is why these people pay a high price for them. How expensive is it? Many used iPhone 8 plus were sold at a high price of 30000 yuan, but the sales volume is still guaranteed, and these people are also eager to come.

before that, many users put their iPad 7 and other devices on the Internet for sale. As a result, they sold them at “sky high prices”, mainly because games were installed on them. As a low-cost model, the iPad 7 has been discounted many times to $299, but it’s sold for $900, making it more expensive than the new, powerful 11 inch iPad pro. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia