The seven sins of iPhone 12! As long as the price is low enough, or “really fragrant”?

Xiaozhai found online the reasons for users not to buy iphone12, and summarized seven of them, each of which showed “evidence is firm”. The small house called these seven reasons “seven crimes of iphone12”, and the following write out to let the children enjoy and enjoy. First, Huawei’s “no sale” is operated by apple. Huawei surpassed Apple last year and became the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Apple found that it could not beat Huawei in fair competition, so it could only use “extraordinary means” to limit Huawei; because many top suppliers adopt American technology, Apple has to use “extraordinary means” to limit Huawei; because many top suppliers adopt American technology, Apple has become the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world The iPhone is not affected by the company, and apple is likely to overtake Huawei again, with Huawei’s cell phone growing slower. Second, the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 series has greatly reduced. From the information of previous Internet access, the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 series is only over 2000 MAH at least and the maximum is less than 4000 milliamperes. In the case of connecting 5g network, the battery of this capacity is difficult to meet the needs of the machine; this year’s Android flagship phone has almost no less than 40 battery capacity 00mAH。 Third, the iPhone 12 series only supports 20W charging technology. The domestic mobile phone brand has supported 120W charging technology. This 20W power charging technology is not as good as some thousand yuan smartphones, such as redmi k305g supports 30W fast charging technology, and some of Huawei’s thousand yuan phones even support 40W super charging technology. IPhone is far less than its rivals in charging. Fourthly, because Apple only can buy software on the iPhone 12, it can only go to the app store, and apple has drawn 30% of the tax. This is also the same video member. It is about 30% more expensive on iPhone than Android mobile phone. This year, many software manufacturers have started to unite to “boycott” Apple’s tax extraction policy, but Apple has not reduced the tax so far. In addition to the refresh rate, the high-end flagship phones launched by Samsung and oppo even adopt the combination of 2K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, which is far beyond the iPhone in the screen experience.

sixth, iPhone antenna design is not reasonable, resulting in poor signal, but Apple has never admitted that it is its own problem. Many netizens think that Intel baseband is not suck. But from the dismantling and testing of foreign media, Intel baseband will not lose the same period of high pass baseband in terms of performance, power consumption and so on. If iPhone12 can not solve the antenna design problem, it will only use it. High pass baseband can not improve the signal. Seventh, some of the iphone12 series machines will no longer be equipped with accessories such as chargers. Apple calls it a contribution to environmental protection, but the price of the machine is not cheap, which is to take the money of consumers to do environmental protection; what’s more, apple sells more than 200 PD charging appliances with 18W officially. Apple does not give accessories to promote the sales of its own products, Thus, the profit will be increased. The above is the seven reasons for users to summarize not to buy the iPhone 12. However, in the view of small houses, as long as the price of this year’s iphone12 series machines is relatively reasonable, there is no worries about sales. These reasons are not worth mentioning in front of “real fragrance price”! Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!