The silhouette gives a mysterious feeling. How can the effect be taken

Silhouette is a very interesting form of expression in photography. It can create a lot of dramatic pictures. This lesson will tell you how to shoot silhouette. < / P > < p > 2) the angle between the light source and the ground should be as small as possible. Generally speaking, the light source should be close to the horizon, which is why the silhouette is mostly taken in the morning or evening. At this time, the angle between the light source and the ground becomes very small when the sun is just rising or setting. In this condition, it is very convenient to take a silhouette, and the light is soft and the effect is created Beautiful, too. < / P > < p > ③ because the main body of the silhouette is a black shadow, unlike other themes that rely on the elements of various colors in the screen to attract the audience, the silhouette theme must attract the audience with an interesting shape. The elements of the screen must be concise and do not appear disorderly, which will be very bad. So when shooting silhouettes, photographers often choose open places such as lakeside, seaside and flat ground to shoot and create. < / P > < p > taking a silhouette, the exposure is the simplest of all the shooting subjects. You don’t need how to control the exposure, you just need to measure the light. We don’t need to equalize the exposure. On the contrary, silhouette is to strengthen the light difference, make the dark part of the picture darker, or even turn into pure black, and keep the light part exposed normally. Therefore, we need to use point metering when shooting, and the light measuring point is facing the bright part in the picture, so that the bright part in the picture can be exposed normally, and the dark part will be suppressed. The degree of darkening depends on the light and dark parts The dark part will be directly pressed into pure black. < / P > < p > if you measure light against the dark part, the dark part will not show the pure black silhouette, on the contrary, the bright part will also cause overexposure, and the details of the bright part will be completely lost. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!