The snapdragon 865, which has almost zero short board, has a fast charging capacity of 256gb + 65W, but it can’t be sold when it drops to 3099

In order to capture the 5g smart phone market, the major mobile phone manufacturers have adopted the strategy of aircraft sea. This makes many consumers fall into the dilemma of choice, and makes some new machines disappear in the vast sea before they are recognized by the public. Realme X50 Pro is such a mobile phone with almost zero short board, and the price of 12gb + 256gb version has dropped to 3099 yuan, but it still can’t be sold. < / P > < p > realme X50 Pro has a strong performance, with 586000 high running points on Angora rabbit. This is due to the high-end chip of snapdragon 865, which adopts 7Nm technology and has the highest frequency of 2.84ghz. At the same time, realme X50 Pro also has 12gb large memory, which can realize the smooth operation of multi software in the background. The machine also has lpddr5 ultra speed storage, UFS 3.0, turbo write, HPB flash memory technology, etc. < / P > < p > realme X50 Pro can be started in seconds, and the response speed is very fast. Moreover, in order to bring more stable and lasting performance experience, realme X50 Pro is also equipped with a competitive level VC liquid cooling technology to achieve high efficiency heat dissipation through three layers of graphite sheets, heat conducting gels and other cooling materials. What’s more, the realme X50 Pro also has a nice screen with a super AMOLED 6.44 inch screen. < / P > < p > realme X50 Pro supports 180hz sampling rate, 90hz refresh rate, E3 luminous materials, etc., which can bring excellent visual and user experience. According to official data, realme X50 Pro can unlock at a high speed of 0.27s. The performance of realme X50 Pro is also commendable in terms of charging and endurance. It supports 65W super flash charging technology. It only takes 35 minutes to fully charge the 4200 MAH battery. < / P > < p > although the 120W fast charging mobile phone has come out, the charging speed of realme X50 Pro still exceeds that of many models. Moreover, under the protection of five chips, under the design of dual cell, users don’t have to worry about charging safety, so they can use it at ease. Moreover, the realme X50 Pro is fully charged, which can support users’ use for one day. < / P > < p > the performance of realme X50 pro in the image can not be underestimated. It adopts the scheme of 64 million front and rear eagle eye zoom six shots. The front is 32 million wide-angle + 8 million ultra wide-angle configuration, which can realize 105 ° wide-angle shooting, and has the function of putting face distortion, so that users can be more small when taking self-image. The four shot scheme with 64 million pixels in the rear can achieve 20 times of mixed zoom, 119 ° ultra wide angle, 3cm macro range shooting, etc., and has complete functions. < / P > < p > in order to capture the beauty of the night, realme X50 Pro adopts a unique algorithm, adding extremely dark night scene mode and super night scene 3.0 mode to deal with the complex shooting scene with mixed light and night color. Realme X50 Pro adopts two colors of moss and red rust, which is very personalized and has excellent texture. In general, it is difficult for realme X50 pro to find out the short board. Privacy Policy