The star clusters are dead, and the lights are off. What’s going on?

Since they came to earth, the star clusters have been working hard to protect human beings and prevent the invasion of the universe from destroying the earth. But this time, the vailud came with powerful weapons and absorbed the life of the star clusters. He died. As we all know, at the beginning, otseven didn’t have a color timer, so the beam lamp on his head never flickered or went out. But this time, the lamp of otseven Altman went out. Can Severn Altman get back on his feet? < / P > < p > the vailud took advantage of the rainstorm and quietly entered the earth. Although the radar of Aote police force is still in normal operation, it has successfully evaded the detection of radar, and has come to Shijian mountain to hide. Then he stealthily takes out the powerful weapon, camera gun, which he brings. As soon as he presses the shutter, he can kill human beings, but to be exact, it’s not killing them. It’s about sucking human life into the gun and leaving the body, which is actually dead. < / P > < p > in view of the unexplained death of Shi Jianshan’s youth, team leader Tongshan immediately asked the members of Zhuxing group and Soga to make an on-the-spot investigation. On the way to shijianshan, the members of Soga felt uneasy. Sure enough, something bad happened. During the investigation, the star clusters were attacked by the camera guns of vailud and fell down. < / P > < p > the star clusters were transported back to the Ott police force. Under the rescue of doctors, they did not survive and died. All the members of the Ott garrison were in tears, and the members of Soga were even more sad and desperate. For the sake of the morale of other team members, the captain plans not to disclose the death of the regiment for the time being, but to work harder to find out the murderer. < / P > < p > they went to a suspicious cave and were ambushed. Under the attack of the Ott garrison, the wailutherans dropped their camera guns and ran away. The captain asked Soga to stay in the cave, and the others went back to study the camera. Seeing that the human had taken the camera gun, the wailudians could not sit still and asked the Soga team members to give it back. Soga’s team members naturally refused. Vailud took the opportunity to attack Soga, hypnotized him, and lured the team leader and others to come. < / P > < p > in order to save the Soga team, the captain cheated the cosmonaut with a fake film. When the cosmonaut knew about it, he became angry and called out the dragon, Nath, which was brought from the universe. The Ott garrison attacked the cosmic dragon with Ott flying eagle. The cosmic dragon rolled into a ball and seemed to be injured. When the vailud ran towards Nash, they were killed by the Ott guard, which made the cosmic dragon completely angry. < / P > < p > seeing that the universe dragon is about to attack the team leader and others, Saiwen Altman flies in from a distance. It turned out that the Tiancheng team successfully cracked the camera gun and rescued all other human beings including the regiment. The universe dragon adopts the strategy of doubt, and turns around Severn Altman until Severn Altman is stunned by it. < / P > < p > after Sven Altman was stunned, the universe dragon came up. The light on Sven Altman’s head kept flashing and then went out. This is the first time that Severn Altman has turned off the lights. As we all know, at the beginning, Severn Altman didn’t set a color timer. It was added later. < / P > < p > slow down, Saiwen Altman has burst out with unprecedented power. After standing up, use all your strength to tear the Dragon apart and tear it up directly. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction