The strongest E-sports mobile phone! 144hz + Tencent game depth customization, Rog game phone 3 fragrance?

As a so-called “born high energy” e-sports game mobile phone, Rog game mobile phone 3 has been deeply concerned and favored by mobile game players since its release. Although it is two days before the official launch of the Rog game phone 3, so far, the number of appointments on JD has reached 770000 + and is still growing, which is enough to prove the popularity of Rog game mobile phone 3.

as a high-end e-game mobile phone, Rog game mobile phone 3 is obviously their top priority in order to bring more extreme game experience to game players. Therefore, based on this point, the Rog game phone not only uses a 6.59 inch AMOLED display, but also supports 144hz refresh rate screen and 270Hz touch sampling rate. In combination with 1ms ultra-low response delay, players can enjoy a more extreme touch experience.

if you think that the screen of Rog game phone 3 supports 144hz refresh rate and 270Hz touch sampling rate, you are wrong. Because, Rog game phone 3 in the color and eye protection and other aspects have achieved the industry’s top level. For example: Rog game phone 3 supports dci-p3 high gamut, 10bit HDR and delta E & lt; 1 color accuracy, etc., which is very friendly for users who like to play games.

of course, in addition to the hardware, the Rog game phone 3 has also achieved the ultimate in the software level. As early as 2019, Rog reached in-depth cooperation with Tencent game, the largest game manufacturer in China, and jointly launched the Rog game mobile phone 2. Now, Rog has reached strategic cooperation with Tencent game again, which is very friendly for game players.

it is understood that the Rog game mobile phone 3 has cooperated with Tencent in the aspects of “depth of game content adaptation hardware”, “Tencent solar core core core performance optimization” and “customization and intermodal transport of exclusive props in the game”. Among them, Tencent game and Rog game mobile phone 3 are adapted in many aspects for popular mobile games such as, and. Among them, FPS mode, sound effect, light effect and vibration feedback are included to enrich the game experience of players.

generally speaking, for Rog game mobile phone 3, whether it is its own hardware configuration and screen quality, or the optimization of game ecology brought about by the cooperation with Tencent games, it can be said that Rog game mobile phone 3 will surely be the leader in the whole e-sports game mobile phone industry in terms of game experience, which is incomparable with other video game mobile phones. I believe that this is one of the main reasons why many players like Rog game mobile phone 3. What do you think of this?

Author: zmhuaxia