The super wide angle of the main camera level, the image strength of this top flagship is despised by many people

Recently, oppo and @ one, a studio, jointly launched a super wide angle video activity, which attracted many people’s attention. In the activity, you need to pay attention to @ oppo on Weibo, and release the works and stories that you have taken. You can take a look at the topic this summer and @ oppo can participate in it. Many people have shown their own super wide-angle photos. In this activity, oppo find x2 pro’s super wide angle of main camera attracted many people’s attention again with its excellent performance. Let’s see how the effect is? < / P > < p > as the top flagship model of oppo, the ultra wide angle lens of oppo find x2 Pro adopts many Sony imx586 sensors which are only used by the main camera of the flagship machine. Its high-quality comprehensive strength is undoubtedly shown in the sample. Like most ultra wide-angle lenses, oppo find x2 pro’s ultra wide-angle lenses provide a greater field of vision. But the difference is that the super wide angle of the mobile phone still maintains a high light tolerance and resolution. The 48 million high pixel makes the railing have enough details, and it also shows the shadow part of the picture well. The overall effect is not inferior to that of some flagship cameras. < / P > < p > thanks to high-quality sensors, oppo find x2 pro’s ultra wide angle lens can not only take ultra wide angle photos, but also take the latest 3cm macro photos, bringing beauty of details. In the super macro mode, the resolution power of 48 million pixels ultra-high image shows enough resolving power, which brings a completely different visual impression from the general low-quality macro lens. The details of flower leaves and flower core are clearly displayed, which not only has a good virtual effect, but also has a good performance of color, which can restore the reality and is also enough to be gratifying. < / P > < p > oppo find x2 pro’s super wide angle lens has been so excellent that its main camera is naturally more prominent. This mobile phone is equipped with a customized Sony imx689 sensor. Not only is the pixel size large enough, but also the hardware level dual native ISO technology, it is the first full-pixel omni-directional focusing technology, which can achieve 100% pixel focusing effect, and significantly improve the photo sensitivity and focusing ability of the mobile phone. With this focusing ability, oppo find x2 Pro has become a very excellent model for portrait shooting. Under the interference of high light, it still perfectly restores the skin color and makeup details of small and medium-sized sisters, and even displays the unique color of light on lipstick. < / P > < p > with the support of the main camera and mature algorithm, oppo find x2 Pro also has the top night shooting effect in the industry. In the actual night shot sample, the mobile phone handled the highlight very well, and there was no serious glare problem in the street lights and landscape lights. At the same time, it also handles the noise very well, not only the overall picture is pure, but also retains enough details, we can even see the pebbles under the clear water. As a top flagship model, oppo find x2 Pro is still hot on sale. It has occupied the top performance list and high-quality screen of Android flagship for a long time, which has become a hot topic for many people. I believe that more people will plan to start with this model after seeing the sample. Recently, it happened to be the 818 activity. The highest price of find x2 dropped by 500 yuan from August 11 to 4499 yuan. You may as well pay attention to it. This is a good time to start. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer