The system code of Android

As soon as Hongmeng came out, he found that there were so many people who understood the system and code There are many people who are more professional than Huawei engineers. For example, there are 8 million lines of code in Hongmeng system, including 7.5 million lines of open source code, and only 150000 lines belong to Huawei. However, these people don’t know that some of the code has been accumulated over decades by people all over the world, and no one will start at the bottom. Moreover, Android is based on Linux kernel, IOS is based on UNIX like kernel, and there are various open source library references, which are all normal development logic. Hongmeng abstracts the kernel and can support the switching of different kernels. Therefore, its kernel can be Linux, liteos, or microkernel without open source. It can select the appropriate kernel according to the characteristics of the device, such as Lite for IOT devices and microkernel for mobile phones. < p > < p > therefore, Hongmeng is a multi-core system. The current smart screen and car drivers should use the Linux kernel, but Linux is not a micro kernel. Huawei’s ultimate goal should be to replace the Linux kernel with the real Hongmeng kernel. However, at this stage, the Hongmeng microkernel has not been perfected, so it has to keep Linux. It is estimated that Hongmeng 3.0 or 4.0 can replace the Linux kernel. That’s a real bull! Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia