The third store in the field of Education

This is the third educational tmall store with byte jumping. Previously, guaguagualong, Kaiyan English and other “byte series” educational products have been opened in tmall. < / P > < p > in this visit to Taobao education, the relevant person in charge of Qingbei online school mentioned that Taobao itself is a consumption scene, users come with purchase intention, the flow will be more accurate, and the value of Taobao live broadcast is also valued by the brand. < p > < p > in June this year, Taobao Education released the “100 million freshmen plan”. Through Taobao live broadcast, marketing, small program and other tools, as well as the ability to “guess what you want to learn”, Taobao education has formed a brand-new online education infrastructure. In the next three years, it will help more than 1000 educational institutions obtain more than 100000 freshmen. < p > < p > according to Taobao education data, during the period from January to may affected by the epidemic, more than 5000 educational institutions have collectively settled in Taobao tmall; since the summer vacation began in June, the institutions that have come to Taobao to open classes and run schools are still “increasing at the rate of 1000 a month.”. For educational institutions, speeding up the process of digitization has become a must catch-up from a helpless move under the epidemic situation. < / P > < p > as of the beginning of August, nearly 10000 educational institutions participated in the summer program through Taobao education for the first time. Not only did the Qingbei online school and guaguagualong, affiliated to byte skipping, settled in recently; education brands such as homework group, who to learn from, Reese English all ushered in the first “Taobao summer program”. < / P > < p > and the layout of byte skipping education has always been the concern of the industry. Founder Zhang Yiming mentioned in the letter of all staff that “education is the new business direction of the company’s cross-border attempt.” In addition, Chen Lin, head of its education business, said that more than 10000 people would be recruited in the education business this year. Today, another product of byte skipping has entered Taobao education, which is a kind of “just needed”. Relying on the digital infrastructure of Taobao education, in the past more than one month since the summer vacation, three institutions, namely ape tutoring, XRS and homework help, have gained more than 100000 freshmen in Taobao education. < p > < p > from the perspective of homework help, since the focus on e-commerce, orders in Taobao education have increased by 2000 times in a quarter. “In such a huge consumption scene like Taobao, we can find more ways to reach the students. For example, in the super category day of the school season, the platform organization Bureau and the children’s learning table brand carry out the linkage of” buying tables and matching classes “with the children’s learning table brand. Facing the common consumer groups, fans can be shared through the platform. In less than three days, the number of visitors to the store has increased nearly 20 times.” < / P > < p > from the perspective of the layout of online education brands for the whole summer archives, in addition to adding weight to their own channels and ground marketing, institutions are also looking for more scenes to meet users. However, for the realization of “cross-border cooperation” and “fan sharing”, Taobao education can not be bypassed. Skip to content