The three astronauts will sleep forever in space, but he will fly out of the solar system after passing Pluto

Since ancient times, the evolution of human society depends on continuous exploration and discovery. Nowadays, there are more and more people on the earth, but the earth’s resources are limited. In order to find new resources, people have to pay attention to outer space. The unknown energy in the universe, as well as the habitat suitable for human survival, are urgently needed by people in the future. Even if we have never explored space, we all know that the risk factor of space is very high. Unlike the earth, space has no familiar air and no gravity. In addition to countless dust, there are invisible rays that harm people’s bodies. In addition, there will be some tracks in space, so that people can’t figure out the meteorite. If you run into a meteorite, the whole spacecraft may be destroyed. But even if it is so dangerous, it is imperative for people to explore outer space. Today, the most direct way to go into space is to use rocket spaceships. However, space is unknown to people. It has not only unknown resources, but also some unknown dangers. Even if there are precautions, some astronauts will inevitably escape the possibility of being left in space forever. The protagonist we are going to talk about today is not an astronaut, but he is the only one who has drifted past Pluto and is now even about to fly out of the solar system. This allusion records Tao Chengdao, the first person in China’s history of flying into the sky. According to the allusions, during the Ming Dynasty, the invention of Tao Chengdao helped Zhu Yuanzhang to seize the world and was named “10000 households” by the emperor. He is addicted to all kinds of strange inventions and ideas every day. Although he has invented many surprising things, he is not satisfied because he wants to fly like a bird. In his later years, Tao Chengdao made a “flying car”. He successfully flew to the sky, but he failed to survive. The flying experiment at this time is very immature in terms of technology and conditions. After the successful launch of satellites by the former Soviet Union, the space history of mankind has changed by leaps and bounds. In 1961, astronauts officially began to board spaceships and embark on space travel. Because the human body is too fragile, astronauts have to undergo years of training to simulate the environment of outer space, as well as protective clothing to protect the body. But even if the safety measures are in place, there is still a great danger to the life of astronauts flying into space, and they are always faced with dangers and accidents. Over the years, more than a dozen astronauts have been sleeping in space. Among them, three astronauts, after successfully completing the mission, met with an accident on the way back. They could not even avoid the destruction of their bodies, so they would sleep in space forever. It’s cruel for astronauts, but it’s an unexpected outcome. They have devoted all their lives to the cause they love, and their souls will remain in space forever. It’s cruel to the doctor, but to the astronomer Clyde Wilhelm Thompson, it’s the last wish of his life. He hoped that after his death, he could be sent to outer space and stay in space forever. Clyde is an American who has been interested in astronomy since childhood. As an adult, he invented his own telescope and often explored the sky alone. At the age of 23, he was admired by Lowell and became an in-house member of Lowell’s rooftop. Until 1930, Pluto, which scientists had been speculating about, was discovered by Clyde. Clyde became famous overnight and was recognized and praised by the public. Since then, Clyde’s career seems to have started to hang up. He has discovered 14 asteroids one after another, which has become the most brilliant one in his career. Before Clyde’s death in 1997, he said he hoped to leave his ashes in outer space. In order to fulfill his last wish, the United States put his ashes on a new horizon probe to be launched in 2006, and successfully took his ashes to outer space. And now the probe, with its ashes, is moving further and further away from earth, flying past Pluto and about to leave the solar system. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865