The three brothers of the green factory are combined, oppo mall is changed into Oujia mall, and realme has become an international brand

a rare sight! The three brothers of the green factory actually got together. Oppo, realme and Yijia started the traffic light combination, and Oujia mall was officially launched. Realme users and Yijia users don’t have to worry about after-sales.

speaking of the brand oppo, I believe you will not be unfamiliar with it. In those years, oppo mobile phone became a hot brand in China by virtue of “charging for five minutes and calling for two hours”. In order to increase its competitiveness, OPA’s parent company, Oujia, has launched Yijia and realme brands one after another, and has gained a very good reputation in the market. Maybe because of the after-sales problem, oppo and realm and Yijia are finally going to “merge”.

oppo is the core brand of OGA holdings and the big brother among the three brothers. Currently, oppo ranks the third in the domestic market. In fact, stores are all over the country, with a very perfect after-sales service system. However, Yijia is separated from the main high-end brand, which is very successful in overseas markets, but its popularity in the domestic market is not very high, and the after-sales service is not perfect. Realme is also introduced into China soon, focusing on the cost-effective route. Unfortunately, the domestic after-sales service is also very “backward”. If there is no change, it will be more difficult in the future.

many users have been hoping that the three companies can merge and enjoy the common after-sales service. Now it’s time to wait for this day. Recently, the original oppo mall app was officially renamed Oujia mall, which includes “oppo, realme and one plus three brands”. It provides one-stop purchase of mobile phones, intelligent hardware, accessories, daily necessities and other products, as well as security services, trade in old for new, maintenance and other special services. It means that in the future, ralme mobile phone users and Yijia mobile phone users can enjoy the same service as oppo.

However, it is still at the initial stage. Only the peripheral products of oppo brand will be followed up gradually by Yijia and realme. Since then, the “traffic light” combination of large factories has been officially launched. With strong service support behind it, the development of Yijia brand and realme brand will be more smooth. This measure is very important for users, with sufficient technical guarantee and perfect service system, so there is no need to worry about after-sales problems. It’s just not clear whether offline will be the same as online.

as for the relationship between these three companies, it is actually very delicate. Some users may not be clear about it. Let’s talk about it briefly. Oppo brand is a brand that Guangdong Oujia holds 100% of the shares; Yijia technology is Guangdong Oujia communication holding company, while realme brand is 100% holding, both belong to Guangdong Oujia holding. The popular point is that they all have a common “father”. Now the merger of the three brothers mall will further improve the brand building and better seize the market share.

it is a wise choice to establish Yijia brand and realme brand. Their market performance is very good, especially realme, which has made rapid progress. According to the latest report, realme brand has exceeded 40 million users in the world, and has entered 59 markets on five continents. Among them, 9 major markets ranked in top 5, and now it has become the top 7 smart phone brand in the world. In general, Yijia has been successful in the high-end market.

oppo, realme and Yijia have launched quite good products this year. The development of the following three brands has also attracted much attention. We hope to see more amazing products appear.

Author: zmhuaxia