The time logic of education in the Internet Age

This paper is the supporting achievement of the general project of pedagogy of National Social Science Fund “pedagogy without teaching”. The full text is 18000 words.

no matter how technology evolves, it can not change the operation of time and the time logic of education. The time logic of education contains the ultimate limit of education and the important laws of education. People in education, whether they are educators, educational administrators and educated people, must think about education under the logic of time and worry about teaching and learning in limited time. The logic of time gives us a ruler to examine education, which makes us rethink the philosophical problems of what education is and what should be done, and rethink the practical problems such as how education happens, how to stay and how education should be done. The time logic of education also makes us think about how schools and teachers exist in the Internet age. With the development of Internet technology, many traditional fields have undergone essential changes. In the future, many professions will be replaced by artificial intelligence, but the nature of education will not change, and the role of teachers cannot be replaced. The objects of education are different individuals. The big data accumulated by one person can not be used to “calculate” another person. There is no “algorithm” for people’s self-consciousness, emotion, intuition and values. The flow of learners’ internal time consciousness, the grasp of education opportunity and education rhythm can not be programmed. The bandwidth limit of human brain determines that learning can not be “times” by any technology Education can only run according to the time of life. The time logic of education determines that education needs teachers to be present, education needs to interact and communicate with “living people” face to face. People can only be educated by people, but not by machines. At the same time, learning is always everyone’s own thing, no other person, no machine can replace it.

1. There are many kinds of logic in educational research. This paper puts forward the time logic of education for the first time, and puts forward that the occurrence of education is temporal, the occurrence of education lies in the extension of internal time consciousness, the individual life time is the only yardstick of education, and educational activities should be carried out according to the rhythm of life.

2. It puts forward a new time perspective for education research in the Internet age, which goes beyond the problem domain and research perspective of the current similar research. First of all, education is a kind of existence of time, which is of great significance to educational research. In the Internet era, information technology and artificial intelligence have completely changed the way people use time. Time has become the first resource. The perspective of time is of great significance for us to understand the problems of education in the Internet age.

1. This paper uses the time logic to study the education problems in the Internet era, puts forward the timeliness of education, and analyzes the problems existing in the operation of education time in the Internet era by using the time logic of education. At present, the academic circles rarely reveal the laws of education and examine the essence of Education through time. This paper opens up a valuable field of educational research.

2. However, many misunderstandings about the nature of education and application of the Internet have changed the understanding of the nature of education and technology. Only under the logic of time can we see why. This paper studies this important law of education by using temporal logic, and creates a new perspective to study the law of education.

3. In the Internet age, in addition to the promotion of visible technology on education, the biggest hidden impact of the Internet on education is to change the way people use time. The education time in the Internet era is increasingly flowing out or extending from school to family time, game time and entertainment time, showing the mixture, ubiquity, sharing and fragmentation of “information time” The boundary between education time and other time is increasingly blurred due to the characteristics of education and multiplicity. The struggle for time makes us often face the sense of urgency of time. Time has become the “first resource” for all kinds of educational subjects. This makes the study of education time become an increasingly urgent important task, but at present the academic circles pay little attention to the educational time. The research of this paper will fill in this blank for us. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia