The turnaround is obvious! Friends take alternative routes to win more people, but sales are not satisfactory?

Hello everyone, many people call me “geek”. In fact, this is not the case, because I always use the name of “Taurus cult leader” in the headset bar, but I’m afraid that I will be regarded as an organization. Therefore, we’d better call me strange guy. < / P > < p > as a relatively rational religious leader, I will be extremely comprehensive for any new mobile phone Dialectical attitude to look at them, and not simply because of the price, performance and look at them, in my eyes, any mobile phone has different advantages, this must be recognized! Because even if it is an old machine with less than 1000 yuan, as long as it appears, it must be the audience of the crowd, which is beyond doubt!

, what make complaints about the price of the mobile phone and the medium end machine are pretty good configuration. Anyway, a mobile phone can be sure that it has potential crowd. Even if it can’t change the Tucao, then some people will ask why there is a cold door model. In fact, it is propaganda problem on the one hand. On the other hand, it is because the issue is too early to be discovered by users. For example, the outbreak point of a mobile phone is about 2-3 months, and if it is more than 3 months, there is a chance that the price will be reduced. “This is my personal summary of the industry models. I hope it will be useful for you to buy a mobile phone. < / P > < p > in the general trend of all staff working hard for the “processor” of mobile phone performance, vivo uses the traditional route to highlight itself. Whether it can succeed or not will be known after a period of time. After all, this S7 is currently a product in August 2020, and it will take 2-3 months to see whether it is really popular with users. However, judging from the current trend, S7 does go through VI The traditional route of VO is “young and fashionable”. To be specific, it’s easy to determine what people like to take selfies? It’s true that young people are right, but the majority of them are girls. “After all, love of beauty is the patent of girls”, and vivo also had a slogan of “selfie illuminates your beauty” in the early stage of vivo to confirm this point. However, S7 has been positioned as the welfare of the self portrait party. That’s right, what the above-mentioned is just the universality. Back to the S7 itself, why say the function has changed dramatically? In fact, it’s about the S7 self timer. After all, the front dual camera has 44 million pixels. How do you feel about the self portrait effect when the configuration is printed? There’s no doubt about beauty. But even if the selfie is very strong, many people also know, but seeing the S7 processor may lose some extreme performance players’ favor. < / P > < p > in fact, speaking back to the product itself, the series positioning of vivo S7 tells us that as soon as it appears, it will relatively lose some players with performance as the core, which is beyond doubt, because s series is based on youth, fashion and trend! Therefore, the appearance of S-Series products is based on appearance and selfie, and then do some cutting-edge things such as performance processor on the premise of no cost loss; however, the vast majority of S-Series products are based on the needs of a wide range of users, so that the app can be opened more smoothly, and at the same time, its power consumption should be more stable. We can know why we use the Qualcomm snapdragon 76 5g, this chip can guarantee all the above experience, but the extreme performance party needs to be cautious. < / P > < p > after all, S7 is the highest welfare of the selfie party. The rear three camera “main camera 64 million” and front-end 44 million AF dual camera, and the screen size of 6.44 inches is in line with the mainstream size of the brand, and any visual effect without dead corner can be fully guaranteed. However, we should pay attention to the comfort of general ergonomics. In the face of 2 hours of continuous playing, the party may feel uncomfortable effect. But S7 does not have a 3.5mm headphone hole. Those who like to listen to music should be cautious. < / P > < p > at the end! As a mainstream self timer mobile phone in the industry, vivo S7’s innovation power is really enough, but please consider the performance carefully, after all, positioning is the top priority of every mobile phone. < / P > < p > note: if the master does not praise any brand, it is easy to be questioned as “water army” or “collect money”. Many readers will say that “Xiaobian XXX” and other disharmonious factors will appear. However, what I said is to judge a product from the Perspective of the interests of the majority of users, so that everyone can choose machines rationally. I hope you like < a href= -posts-wrapper target=_ blank>Skip to content