The United States has a new move. The Senate has voted to pass a bill, and the two parties rarely agree

The reason that the United States uses to suppress tiktok is nothing more than the reason of information and privacy security, which has become a common means in the United States. Tiktok is now very popular among young people in the United States and has long been at the top of the app download list. However, this sign soon aroused dissatisfaction in the United States, after all, it had been American enterprises that had been in control of the world’s Internet industry. The United States did not know how to deal with the black horse tiktok. It can only continue to publicize its security threats. Before the United States is ready to completely ban the software, it has been constantly publicizing its possible harm to the United States through the media. But now tiktok has become an important channel for American youth to show themselves. They don’t care how the mainstream media publicize it. Therefore, the U.S. side said that it hopes to let the US capital fully control the company and separate it from the byte jump of the parent company. It is used to prevent the leakage of user data. In fact, tiktok has already proved that its data is stored in the United States, and there is no possibility of leakage. The U.S. side is also well aware of this matter, but has been muddling around on this issue. In this epidemic, tiktok’s influence in the United States is further expanded. People have nowhere to go, but they can get rid of boredom through this software. As a result, many Americans are already inseparable from tiktok. A professor at Columbia University said that Americans should pay more attention to tiktok than just superficial privacy issues. More importantly, the software greatly reduces American productivity. Many Americans spend a lot of time on it every day, which is a big obstacle to productivity. However, some experts say that tiktok itself is developed for entertainment. Even if Americans do not use tiktok, they will not devote their energy to social production. < / P > < p > the real reason why the United States is so afraid of tiktok is that the software threatens the US internet hegemony, and more importantly, the software is developed by a Chinese company. Now the United States is trying to crack down on one of China’s most successful companies in globalization, so as to consolidate its Internet hegemony and warn other countries that want to challenge the United States. In the face of such a rogue practice of the United States, countries in the world should also unite. After all, if they do not resist this time, then the next time similar enterprises appear in other countries, the United States will use the same method to dismantle them. Don’t think that the United States will not attack its allies. When Japan’s semiconductor industry was booming, the United States used all kinds of means to impose tariffs on Japanese semiconductor, which led to the collapse of Japanese semiconductor industry. Alstom in Europe also suffered a heavy blow from the United States because it threatened the electrical industry in the United States. Because of the first mover advantage of the Internet in the United States, it is very difficult for Internet enterprises in various countries to bypass this platform in the process of globalization. This time, tiktok is the bud of breaking through the US internet hegemony. Now European countries are aware of the pressure of US internet control and constantly challenge the US Internet monopoly. Until now, the United States has not provided enough evidence to prove that tiktok’s threat to the United States is a kind of naked hegemonic act. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”