The United States is short of 5 million computers in the beginning of school season. Is this self defeating?

A survey by the Associated Press found that schools across the United States are facing months of shortages and delays in getting the most important back to school “laptop” and other equipment needed for online learning this year. Lenovo, HP and Dell, the world’s three major computer products companies, have told many school districts in the United States that there is a shortage of nearly 5 million laptops. In addition to the impact of the epidemic on production, the trump government has imposed restrictions on Chinese suppliers’ complete machines, processors and touch screens. In recent years, the United States has frequently imposed sanctions on Chinese science and technology enterprises, which has seriously damaged the global confidence in the science and technology industry. On September 3, U.S. stocks fell sharply, and the chip industry sector closed down with a market value of $100 billion. On the same day, the share prices of other technology companies also plummeted. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction

Author: zmhuaxia