The United States never expected that after threatening to block wechat, the download volume of QQ in the United States doubled

On August 14, local time, data shared with Reuters by sensor tower showed that after US President trump threatened to ban the use of wechat owned by China’s Tencent company, the number of users who downloaded wechat in the United States did not drop but increased. According to sensor tower, the number of wechat app downloads in the United States increased by an average of 41% over the week before the ban was announced last Thursday. Not only has the number of downloads of < QP > doubled in the past two weeks in the United States. It is reported that one of the reasons is that the ban does not specifically target QQ applications. According to the article, some Chinese immigrants and overseas Chinese have downloaded QQ because they are worried that if wechat is banned, they may not be able to contact their family and friends in China. Reuters said it was not clear how the US government would implement the ban on wechat in mid September. The U.S. government can order apple and Google to remove wechat from their app stores, or prohibit U.S. users from accessing or updating these apps. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine