The use experience of glory tablet multi-functional tablet easy to resolve the complex workplace affairs

Working life is very busy. In addition to sitting at a desk to process documents and modify files, you also need to go to different places for meetings or discuss the next work progress. It is always cumbersome and troublesome to carry a laptop to report work, but the screen of mobile phone is too small to use. A tablet with the right weight can just meet the requirements of portability, and the large screen is more comfortable. Not long ago, the author started a new glory tablet V6 to help his work life and improve office efficiency. < / P > < p > in the past, when the superior arranged multiple tasks temporarily, it was easy to be in a hurry if there was no paper and pen around. Now glory tablet V6 is in hand. No matter what the other party says, the author will open the memo of glory for voice recording in advance. It supports synchronous output of text. 5g network can help the tablet accurately display the other party’s words in the form of text in time. After that, the author only needs to sort it out to know all the task lists, and no longer need to be busy Chaos. Everything can also be checked through the mark, and what needs to be done is clear at a glance. < / P > < p > what makes me inclined to glory tablet V6 is that it not only has the popular intelligent screen splitting function in the market, but also innovatively develops the parallel vision and multi screen collaborative function. The functions of these three horizontal screen ecosystems have different emphases, which can help the author in the Office process like fish and water. The author uses smart split screen more often. Whenever it needs to process documents against data, the author will habitually open the data interface first, then drag WPS from the application bar and put it in the interface. The split screen function makes the two software automatically split into two, each accounting for half of the screen. The 10.4-inch glory flat plate V6 has only 7.9MM black border, and the large screen feature makes the smart split screen Give full play to the functions. Sometimes if you want to query some questions temporarily, you can call the search engine in the form of a floating window. When you don’t use it, you can hide it with a single finger stroke, which is especially convenient. < / P > < p > parallel view and multi screen collaboration are more often used when the author has special needs, because the parallel vision supports the double opening of the same software. The author has the need to pay attention to news and learn knowledge. This function can help the author quickly browse the information flow of the main interface on one side of the screen, and pay attention to the specific information under each information on the other side of the screen Content, fast switching reduces the frequent operation when you need to return to the interface. < / P > < p > the author’s favorite is the multi screen collaborative function, which is an innovative design of glory in the horizontal screen ecosystem, which surprised the author when it was used for the first time. Because it supports the mobile phone to cast the screen to the tablet, which is different from the projection of various film and television equipment. This projection can be operated interactively, and the changes of the mobile phone interface will appear immediately after the operation. The most important thing is that the author occasionally needs to use the pictures on the mobile phone when processing the documents. By using the multi screen collaboration, the pictures can be directly dragged out from the mobile phone gallery to the documents on the tablet. The efficiency is very high. < / P > < p > the glory tablet V6 has rich functions. It goes deep into the young people’s workplace scene, cuts into every office in need, and helps the workplace people to solve many complicated matters. It is right for glory tablet to choose glory tablet V6. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?