The video taken by a good camera is also unstable. Give Canon 5d3 a small rig smog rabbit cage

Video blue ocean has appeared. As a digital product evaluation author, I really want to take a small step in video. There is no problem shooting video with the existing equipment. However, the more and more accessories are purchased, microphone, fill light and monitor are needed to integrate these accessories. After research, rabbit cages have come into my field of vision. To plant grass, we must pull grass and watch A lot of friends are using smallrig Smog’s camera rabbit cage, and they all feedback that the experience is good. < / P > < p > the use of rabbit cages is conducive to the pursuit of shooting quality and picture stability, as well as the convenient operation of the equipment. The 5d3 I use is more designed for taking photos. If you want to shoot a good video, you must add a lot of accessories. The camera itself does not directly expand the carrying position of these accessories. With the rabbit cage, it is different. The birth of rabbit cage is for modular expansion Add parts according to your own needs. < / P > < p > My ideal state is such a combination. It is difficult to buy all the birth accessories at one time. It needs to be supplemented according to your own use process. The rabbit cage and double handle can solve the instability caused by the equipment shaking during shooting. It is much lighter than using the SLR stabilizer, and it can also save labor for long-time video shooting. < / P > < p > there are too many accessories for the rabbit cage and its surrounding parts. As a first-time user, I only bought a handle and a 5d3 camera rabbit cage. I will add it later. There is not so much money that can be put in place in one step. If we want to achieve the above situation, these five accessories also need thousands of yuan. < / P > < p > this smog Canon 5d3 camera rabbit cage adopts the design of integrated molding, which has been used before. The rabbit cage is easy to be loose in use, and it always feels awkward and the appearance is not so perfect. This integrated design, which is based on the actual parameters of the camera, is designed according to the actual parameters of the camera Poor, can fully fit, and will not appear loose deformation, more secure. < / P > < p > a large number of threaded holes are reserved on the left, right and top, which are the mainstream 1 / 4 and 3 / 8 threads. The overall workmanship is very textured, and all of them are blackened, including the inside of the threaded hole, 14 1 / 4 threaded holes and a Alai positioning hole, a 3 / 8 threaded hole and a shoulder belt hole. < / P > < p > the weight of the rabbit cage made of aluminum alloy is very light, with only more than 200 pieces, which is similar to the weight of two eggs. For the 5d3 lens combination with a weight of several kilograms, this weight can be ignored and will not cause greater weight burden. < / P > < p > in addition to 13 1 / 4 threaded holes and one Alai positioning hole on the top, there are also two cold shoe holes, which can be said to have a strong expansion ability, and all accessories purchased in the future can be connected to them. < / P > < p > the bottom is also rich in interfaces. This generation of products takes into account the installation of the fixing screw of the camera at the bottom, and a spanner is built in beside it, which makes it easier to disassemble and disassemble the rabbit cage. The wrench is also fixed by magnetic suction, and is fixed by three large suction magnets in triangle. The actual measurement is relatively firm, and there is no need to worry about losing it. < / P > < p > when installing Canon 5d3, it is easy to be damaged by friction for a long time. This is also fully considered here. Anti scratch gasket is set at the place where the camera is connected, because the camera is installed from the back to the front, and there are two limit protrusions at the front end of the bottom to ensure the accurate installation and positioning of the camera. < / P > < p > here I also match a smog thread side handle. In fact, it will be better to use it with two. However, if there are more than 500 single handles, I’ll have an experience first. It seems to be very useful at present. I’ll add a smog accessory right now. < / P > < p > this threaded side handle can be installed and converted from left to right. For example, I am used to using my left hand, so I can remove the set screw and move it to the left side through the hexagonal wrench on the top of the handle. < / P > < p > there are two 1 / 4 threaded holes and a 3 / 8 threaded hole on the top of the handle. There is also a cold boot interface. There are many accessories that can be expanded, such as microphone, fill light, etc. the hexagonal wrench is prevented at the top by magnetic suction, so there is no need to worry about losing it. < / P > < p > this handle has strong versatility, and each set screw can be completed with a hexagon wrench. The overall design radian fits the hand grip. The interior is also an integrated aluminum alloy structure. The matching wooden handle is not only safe and reliable, but also firm to handle and appearance. < / P > < p > generally, all screws need to be locked with spanner before use to prevent looseness during use. Therefore, spanner must be used for disassembly. The spacing between two screws is 18mm, so it basically occupies three consecutive 1 / 4 hole positions. < / P > < p > now most tripod pan tilt clips are designed in this way, without the need for additional quick loading board. The rabbit cage of smog Canon 5d3 camera can be directly installed on the tripod, which is greatly convenient to use. < / P > < p > My Lens here is only for demonstration. You must install a telephoto lens with a lens holder. In order to shoot at a low angle, you need to carry on the hand and press the rabbit cage Place the camera lens forward according to the position in the picture. The bottom screw is aligned with the screw hole of the camera. Basically, all directions are consistent. Tighten the screws to complete the installation of the rabbit cage. < / P > < p > after the installation is completed, the hot shoe interface on the top is completely unblocked, and the corresponding flash lamp, lightning arrester and other equipment can be installed, which means that two cold boots and one hot boot device can be installed on the top. < / P > < p > bottom: it is also very convenient to replace the battery. The cover of the battery compartment is not covered. Generally, the battery needs to be replaced once or twice when shooting video, which costs more electricity than taking photos. < / P > < p > the handle is installed on that side, so you are used to using that hand. Of course, if you install the two hand handle, the stability is better, and the holding is more labor-saving. If you connect the microphone, fill light, monitor and other equipment, the weight is still very large. < / P > < p > the single hand grip is also very stable. If you just hold the camera, you will feel that there is no place to exert force. Moreover, after the rabbit cage is installed, it can be directly attached to various stabilizers. The compatibility can be used for the mainstream stannikon and Dajiang Feiyu in the market. When there are many accessories connected, it is possible that the hand-held grip can not be held, but the customer can see To a complex system, you will think that you are more professional, generally do not understand are professional, ha ha, then the whole tripod. < / P > < p > this is not used for ordinary photography, but for demonstration. From multiple perspectives, this rabbit cage has almost no error in hole size, and its workmanship is relatively exquisite, which does not hinder the daily operation of the camera, and the hand feeling is also very good. Shooting video requires continuous learning. There are numerous peripheral products just for hardware and equipment, which need to be explored constantly. But is it better to have a rabbit cage first It will be wrong, in the camera brings not only the modular ease of use, but also further stability and functional expansion. < / P > < p > in fact, a camera with the weight of Canon 5d3 still exerts physical strength to shoot videos. With the transformation of shooting scenes, it needs to constantly complete the disassembly and replacement of accessories. Smog rabbit cage enables me to quickly complete the switching of shooting state. Moreover, it is more labor-saving than the original, and the picture is more stable and smooth. The most important point is that it looks more professional, And you have a wide range of options. No matter what equipment you change in the future, smog can provide corresponding rabbit cages and accessories. Many of them are universal and will not waste investment. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12