The vivo S7 is a new generation of self timer tools to meet the needs of the whole scene

I don’t know when, self portrait has gradually become one of the most commonly used functions of many people. Even when choosing a mobile phone, self portrait ability, beauty ability and so on will be focused on. Vivo s series as the main model for young users, the excellent self-image performance of the previous two generations of products has been unanimously recognized by users, so it has a good sales performance. Vivo S7, a brand-new product of vivo s series, has also started its warm-up recently. In addition to confirming that Liu Haoran, the “national brother”, will continue to speak for vivo, the official blog has also released a number of warm-up promotional videos, showing its super many self shooting methods.

as can be seen from the latest promotional video, vivo S7 has further enriched the self shooting method, and can control the shooting demand in more scenes, such as using the front ultra wide angle mode to co shoot graduation photos. Although no more hardware information about the new camera has been exposed, it is not difficult to see that the front of vivo S7 will adopt a dual camera scheme. In addition to a high-quality main camera, it also has an ultra wide angle lens to meet the shooting needs of more scenes.

in addition to ultra wide angle lens, the previous warm-up video of vivo S7 has also exposed more features in self shooting. In addition to eye tracking and AI beauty function, the most noteworthy feature is the outstanding front anti shake ability. As can be seen from the figure below, even in the case of roller coaster, the self portrait picture is still very stable, and there is no unnecessary shaking phenomenon. This kind of performance can not help but make people guess that in addition to the super stable anti shake algorithm, it is difficult to add OIS optical anti shake to the front lens, which is worth looking forward to! Of course, the “hero” being drenched at the end of the screen also indicates that vivo S7 will support dust and water-proof functions, and it will be more reassuring to shoot in rainy days.

in addition, as can be seen from the publicity posters previously released by the official website of vivo, vivo S7 is officially defined as “frivolous self portrait flagship”. Many of the warm-up clips reflect the strength of “self shooting flagship”, but how thin the fuselage is is is still unknown. However, there was a picture of Liu Haoran holding vivo S7 in the warm-up video before. From the side of the mobile phone, the thickness of the fuselage is indeed very thin, which is expected to be controlled within 8mm. In addition, with the 3D curved back plate, I believe it will bring great grip feeling.

Perhaps Liu Haoran is not the only spokesperson for vivo S7. Before that, a picture of Lisa’s new handheld machine was exposed. From the poster, we can see the design language of the new machine. For example, the gradient color matching that young users love is adopted on the back, which can show the personalized aesthetic needs. At the same time, the whole camera module also adopts the “two-color cloud scale” modeling, which effectively reduces the sense of visual abruptness.

comprehensive view, vivo S7 self performance is awesome enough, can bring more rich self timer play, to meet the needs of young users in the whole scene of self timer. At the same time, the lightweight fuselage also reduces the burden of long-time selfie, making it a true new generation of self timer sharp weapon. If you like selfie, don’t miss the vivo S7 launch on August 3.

Author: zmhuaxia