The WeChat official account is testing the new function of the “Q & a”. The official account of the message free area is saved.

The lack of comments in an article is like the loss of a person’s soul. Although we are not waiting for the re opening of the message function, we are waiting for its replacement. < / P > < p > on the evening of August 18, a new function “Q & a” was launched on wechat public platform. However, the function is still in the gray scale test stage. Only a few official account authors have received the invitation to test, and then gradually open up.

specifically, when the editor of the official account is editing the article in the background, he can use the question and answer plugin at any location of the article to ask questions for 40 words, and an article can be asked once. But the reader can choose to write answer to make his point of view, and the number of words in each answer is limited to 600 words. Or reply. < / P > < p > in addition, the author can continue to interact with the user after answering. According to the current situation of internal test, each article can select up to 100 answers, but only 3 answers will be displayed by default, and the rest will be folded. This is similar to the message function in form and operation.

as early as March 2018, WeChat officially announced that the opening rules of the message function should be temporarily adjusted. All subsequent registered public numbers no longer support the message function, but only by official account migration or small programs to achieve messages, which is a great blow to many new official account numbers.

official account without message function is not interactive, and can not get the most direct voice of users, which means that the author is playing a single computer, which greatly reduces the initiative of the creator.

for the official account number which has no message function, the answer function is to make up for the absence of message function. Especially for some long articles, the appropriate insertion of “Q & a” can improve the readers’ activity and sense of participation, and interesting questions can help promote the in-depth communication between the author and readers. In addition, it can be distinguished from the interactive topics, lucky draw, like and other activities in the message area.

with the content of entrepreneurs entering WeChat public platform, many official account quality differences are also increasingly prominent. Although the overall reading is on the rise, the average reading volume per official account is declining, and the reading time is constantly being squeezed out. < / P > < p > under the pressure of wechat public platform, since the beginning of the new year, a series of functions have been constantly updated, including pushing intelligent sorting, creating content albums, returning the like function, and even supporting users to build buildings in their comments, etc. Privacy Policy