The wechat video number has been updated, with more than 200 million users in half a year. What’s the future of relying on wechat ecosystem?

Tiktok is faster than

, Kwai, and you don’t need to open a new APP to watch short videos. You can directly implement them in WeChat. In recent years, wechat has changed from a simple social software to a multi-functional platform with a super ecosystem. After the launch of the small program, people save the time of downloading other apps and memory of mobile phones, and realize multiple operations on one platform. < / P > < p > in addition, small games have become popular in the winter of 2018. The success of these cases is attributed to the convenience of wechat platform. Small app can be installed in the whole Internet life. < / P > < p > the wechat video number has exceeded 200 million users in half a year, which does not include the users watching. Tiktok and speed doubled bullet screen comments last month, which is like combining the characteristics of “shaking” with “B station”. Tiktok also added a new private message function. Compared with the jitter and Kwai Fu, WeChat’s unique feature should be reflected in the social nature.

WeChat video number can be connected to the official account. It may be the best choice for future enterprises. Wechat itself is an ecosystem, which can create an ecosystem for enterprises. The current wechat video number is mainly aimed at C-end users. Whether or not we will break through the chain of b-end users in the future depends on the planning and direction of wechat. Tiktok

tiktok has already opened accounts in WeChat video number, and has also drained some of its voice resources into WeChat video. But it is hard to say whether WeChat can win the tiktok. Although WeChat tiktok tiktok is two times more than tiktok, users are actually watching the jitter, while WeChat users are mostly unable to use video numbers.

has been a necessary place for tiktok to share life after several years of precipitation. And the related software is also a simple way to edit the audience. Video tiktok is not very bright, and it is very difficult to fight against the sound. Tiktok Kwai,

, and the video of the Tencent have already fallen behind in the short video market. The video frequency is to make up for the missing official account, and the other is to layout short video. Half of the country’s tiktok video market is

, if WeChat tiktok is already half of the market, then the new video content can be launched for users interested in short videos. At present, the vibrato is tiktok, while the video Number focuses on information. You don’t have a flick number, but you must have WeChat, which can directly watch short videos on tiktok, perhaps meeting the needs of many people. < / P > < p > How can Tencent emerge in the short video industry? It’s more important to rely on social advantages. Wechat is the largest place of traffic, with more than 1 billion daily activity users. In fact, it is not surprising that short videos can be well done. In addition, whether enterprises or individuals, using the official account, video frequency, small program and community under the WeChat ecosystem, there is almost no need to invest in cost. This low-cost, high flow place will have great potential in the future. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer