“The world’s fastest” wireless charger announced! Xiaomi launches 80W wireless second charge

Although wireless charging technology has been used early, it also has a “future attribute”! However, due to the earlier charging power and heating problems, it has not become a “meaningful” technology. < / P > < p > the previous 2W and 5W are more of an exploration stage and marketing means. If reflected in life, I believe that not many small partners will use the wireless charger. < p > < p > but in the flagship, the wireless charging is a very high availability function. After all, at this stage, the wireless charging of 30W is also very normal operation! < / P > < p > in the end, the 4000mAh battery can be fully charged in 19 minutes with the help of many “acceleration” technologies such as multi-level stepwise current regulation and MIFC fast charging! < / P > < p > the official claims that the wireless charging base supporting the 80W uses a high-speed silent fan, which has fast charging and low heating, and has no problem with high-power charging in the whole process. < p > < p > therefore, if you want to go up to 80W, you should not only meet the above configuration conditions, but also have a special “heat balance” algorithm, which is indispensable to support the terrible output of 80W. < / P > < p > although at present, this is a part of Xiaomi’s “muscle show”, looking at the digital circle, it is also a kind of promotion behavior. Manufacturers try their best to “fight the sword and the gun”, for the final use of us, the results and significance are certainly good. However, 80W wireless charging is not far away. Xiaomi this year in many “magic” model released in the technology, are very cool, but also very practical. And many rice flour consumers also strongly need such a “jidacheng” work. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?