The world’s first off screen camera phone, starting price is only 2198 yuan, did not expect such a beautiful appearance

In order to achieve a higher proportion of the screen, mobile phone manufacturers have tried a variety of solutions, such as bangs, water drops, drilling, and even lifting. Although the lifting design can bring a complete screen, it has been abandoned by mobile phone manufacturers in the past two years due to complex structural changes, which makes the fuselage bulky and poor in sealing. < / P > < p > in theory, the off screen camera technology is the most perfect solution and has become the focus of research and development of mobile phone manufacturers. However, no one expected that such a heavy and full of gimmicks of mobile phone innovation functions will be taken the first place by ZTE, which has retired from the second tier. On September 1, ZTE A20, the world’s first off screen camera mobile phone, officially appeared. < / P > < p > according to the official introduction, in order to realize the off screen lens technology, ZTE started from the following five aspects: algorithm, pixel, circuit, chip and material, and finally achieved this goal through ultra-high transmittance micron level new materials, independent drive screen display chip, high integrated minimalist circuit design, original natural pixel arrangement, and triple proactive smart algorithm. < / P > < p > from the official multi scene screenshots, the display effect at the front lens of ZTE A20 is consistent with the surrounding area, without any foreign body feeling. In addition to the reasonable control of the surrounding border, ZTE A20 has a very high proportion of screens. Not only that, ZTE A20 still maintains the characteristics of light and thin, with a weight of 198g and a thickness of 7.98mm. < / P > < p > on the back of the fuselage, ZTE A20 uses a 3D curved glass back shell, which brings a nano level streamer illusion texture. Its camera module adopts a rectangular design and is placed in the upper left corner of the back. Overall, ZTE A20 is very beautiful in appearance and can be held by one hand. In terms of configuration, ZTE A20 is also very kind. < / P > < p > ZTE A20 is equipped with a 6.92 inch OLED full screen, covering 100% dci-p3 color gamut display, supporting 10bit color depth, 90hz high refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate. It is not only delicate and smooth in display, but also satisfactory in tracking and touch response speed. < / P > < p > the screen of ZTE A20 also has screen sound, off screen light sense and off screen fingerprint technology, which is full of sense of technology. The front lens of ZTE A20 is 32 million pixels single shot, and the image quality of the sample film taken is not different from that of mainstream intelligent machine. In the post imaging system, ZTE A20 uses 64 million four camera combinations. The sub lens of ZTE A20 is composed of 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, 2 million pixel depth of field and 2 million pixel macro lens, and the camera parameters are ordinary. ZTE A20 is equipped with a snapdragon 765G processor in its core configuration, and its running score is about 300000. It supports SA / NSA dual-mode networking, which is far ahead in 5g networking test. In other aspects, ZTE A20 has a 4220 MAH battery, which supports 30W fast charging. The 6GB + 128GB version starts at 2198 yuan. As the world’s first off screen camera mobile phone, the author thinks that ZTE A20 pricing is reasonable. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer