The world’s No. 1 mobile phone overturned again, almost all Chinese users ran away, and only 3400 people made an appointment for the new phone

Samsung Note Series has always been regarded as the king product of Android because of its outstanding configuration and various black technologies. The Samsung note 20, which became the first general in the flagship aircraft war in the second half of this year, is expected to have high expectations. On August 5, the note 20 arrived as scheduled, but a large number of expectant consumers were disappointed with the Samsung note 20 after watching the press conference. < / P > < p > compared with the Samsung note 20 ultra, which has a very fierce stacking, the Samsung note 20 appears to be in a mess. It seems that the purpose of its existence is to highlight the ultra version. Many netizens joked that Samsung note 20 surpassed Huawei P40 to become the “garbage emperor” of the year. The Samsung note 20 mainly has the following slot points. First of all, the plastic body of the Samsung note 20 has caused public dissatisfaction, which can not highlight the texture of the flagship. < / P > < p > although the plastic body has the advantages of falling resistance, it is easy to leave scratches and affect the beauty of the mobile phone. What’s more, Samsung note 20 is a flagship aircraft. The plastic fuselage can’t match the quality of the flagship. Secondly, the screen of Samsung note 20 has shrunk. Instead of Samsung’s 2K screen, it has 1080p screen. Moreover, the machine does not support high brush, obviously not in line with today’s trend. < / P > < p > again, the charging speed of Samsung note 20 has not improved significantly. It supports 25W wired fast charging, 15W wireless fast charging and reverse charging. Today, many midrange models have 40W, 50W or even 65W fast charging. The charging speed of Samsung note 20 is difficult to meet the needs of the public. Finally, the price of Samsung note for more than 207000 yuan is also hard to accept. It is really a low price with a high price and no sincerity. < / P > < p > if the price of Samsung note 20 is 4000-5000 yuan, then the above configuration is also acceptable, but the price is very high. Samsung, which has little market share in China’s smartphone market, is turning over again. Today, Samsung note 20 only has more than 3400 appointments on an e-commerce platform, and Samsung’s users in China almost run out. < p > < p > in recent years, Samsung’s advantage in the high-end mobile phone market has become increasingly less obvious, and there has been a homogenization phenomenon compared with Android flagship. For the medium and low-end market with higher shipment volume, Samsung has ignored it a little, so it is difficult to compete with domestic Android phones. At the same time, the rapid growth of domestic mobile phones is also an important reason why Samsung lost China. Samsung’s market share in the middle end is gradually replaced by glory and millet, which are more cost-effective. However, iqoo and realme of the new generation will further reduce the market space of the middle and low end. In the high-end market, Huawei has gradually replaced Samsung’s position in China, and apple mobile phone has also risen in China, sharing the high-end market with Huawei. Recently, Xiaomi and oppo are also developing high-end products. As a result, there is little space left for Samsung in the Chinese market. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865