The world’s second HD vibration game handle – grain spirit pro, this can be replaced by joycon

Nintendo switch is one of the most successful handheld computers in recent years due to its entertainment for young and old and the exclusive IP of many games. However, due to the drift of joy con rocker, I believe many netizens are annoyed by it. However, friends who have used HD vibration motor can clearly feel the delicate vibration effect of the game process, so even because of the problem of the rocker, netizens still can’t use other handles to replace it. Now the world’s second to use Alps dual axis linear motor HD vibration game handle interview, should give users more choices. < / P > < p > the game handle comes from the cereal brand. It was the first time to know that this brand was a variety of switch peripheral products developed by it. The fundamental reason for starting this grain spirit Pro this time is out of curiosity. As the second game controller using Alps dual axis vibration linear motor, does it have the feel of joy con at the bottom. < / P > < p > from the package, the official model of grain spirit Pro is ns19. In addition to the Alps dual axis vibration motor which I care about more, it also supports more platforms. It is known that X-input / D-input of switch, Android, IOS and PC can be well supported. < / P > < p > the complete set of accessories of Genie Pro includes the handle, portable protection box, data cable, and manual. Friends who know more about the game console are very clear. Today’s handle layout is mainly divided into Xbox / PS, and Genie Pro is the layout of Xbox handle. < / P > < p > compare the joystick and button of Sprite pro and joy con, you will find that the remote control size of Sprite Pro is exactly the same as that of joy con of switch, and the original direction key is optimized to be more comfortable cross button. The ABXY on the right of < / P > < p > is also magnified to make it feel better when pressed. The + – button, which is rare on other handles, also exists. In addition to the buttons of screen capture and home key, there are also special function buttons and APG learning buttons in the middle of the handle. The test operations such as continuous setting, vibration adjustment and A-B calling can be realized by pressing and holding the special function button; while the APG learning button can record all the players’ operations within 10 minutes, and then replay once / infinitely if necessary. For some repetitive operations, such as fighting games in the operation of cumbersome must kill skills, 3, 40 items one key throw, not very fragrant. < / P > < p > Genie Pro supports Bluetooth and USB connection modes. It has a built-in 700mah battery, and selects the type-C interface as the data / charging interface from the top, so we can know that the manufacturer is not cutting the cost. The left button at the top is the on / off button, which is also the mode switch button. The four modes of Android, IOS, windows and switch can be switched by long pressing for 2 seconds, and double-click is to close the handle; the button on the right is the pairing button, and after long pressing the status light on the top, the running lamp loop can be carried out, and then the pairing connection can be carried out. Of course, the L / R / ZL / Zr buttons also exist, and the inclined design makes the grip feel more comfortable than joy con. Of course, compared with many large-scale game controllers, genie Pro is not as good either in personal or in weight, but who let others, but the product positioning is to be compatible with lightweight and portable. Whether the handle is easy to use or needs to be experienced through the game process. Select the pairing mode of switch, confirm in the change of handle holding mode, connect the Wizard Pro through Bluetooth or USB, and complete pairing after the handle vibrates once. < p > < p > Mario series, as the leader of Nintendo switch, must be indispensable in the test process. Carriage 8 and horse pie all support multiplayer games. < / P > < p > the direction keys and body sense of carriage 8 are used to control the direction; the rhythm masters in Mario party can also use the built-in acceleration sensor and gyroscope to complete. No matter the body feeling operation mode or vibration feedback, at least the spirit Pro achieves the degree almost similar to joy con, and the overall feeling is very comfortable. Moreover, do friends who often play Super Mario feel that J The key of oy con is a little small? You won’t have this problem with Genie pro. < / P > < p > in addition, the author can’t waste the Wizard Pro’s support function for Android, windows and IOS, and try all kinds of games through connection. All kinds of Android simulators, soul return, Naruto and other IP can be directly or through the image button to complete the operation. < / P > < p > for Windows system, genie Pro supports two modes: X-input and D-input. The Wizard Pro button in X-input mode is fully compatible with XBOX360. At this time, games supporting XBOX360 can be directly carried out. D-input mode requires manual setting of keys, so I suggest that X-input should be used in windows. < / P > < p > the author prefers to play action games. It is inevitable that skul hero killers and dead cells are frequent visitors in the author’s computer; many RPG Games, such as hero legend series, can be played directly. < / P > < p > in the end, have you found that Wizard Pro does not need program support whether defining function buttons or learning through APG. It also makes the whole test process have a better game experience by completing its own buttons independently. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, the grain sprite Pro is very suitable for friends who like cute items, especially for female users. The candy color version of the spirit Pro is even more irresistible temptation. In the case of ensuring the lightness and portability, the genie Pro feels really good, and the manufacturer’s unique patent technology adds a lot of color to the experience. Basically, the HD vibration feeling of joy con is basically the same as that of joy con In the process of switch game, the effect is restored in place; and the PC supports somatosensory auxiliary aiming system, which is very friendly for friends who like to eat chicken. If there is no cross key comfortable joy con, then you can try the grain spirit pro, should bring you unexpected feeling. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia