Then, the experts pointed out that the real purpose of the United States was to suppress Chinese enterprises on the grounds of “threatening national security”

In recent years, many Chinese enterprises have become targets of “suppression” by the trump government. For example, some time ago, China’s Huawei Company was “encircled and suppressed” by many western countries. Why does the United States suppress Huawei? The US side said that “Huawei threatens the national security of the United States.”. Tiktok,

recently used the same reason to “suppress” China’s enterprises, which is the TikTok, the international version of the international version of the US stock market. This software has been on the market in the United States for nearly four years. Before that, there has been no news of “tiktok threatening national security”. Why does this news suddenly appear now? It can only be said that the trump administration can not see the popularity of Chinese software in the United States. Then, they cracked down on Chinese enterprises for the reason of “threatening national security”, and experts pointed out the real purpose of the United States. After entering 2020, the trump government not only intervenes in China’s internal affairs such as the “Taiwan issue” and “Hong Kong affairs” for many times, but also “attacks” on Chinese companies, which is bound to “wipe out” Chinese technology enterprises. Recently, the trump government launched a “global wanted list” against Huawei on the grounds of “threatening national security”. The impact of the “Huawei incident” has not disappeared, and the trump government has launched another attack on a Chinese enterprise, that is, byte hopping company, which focuses on “we media business”. Recently, according to relevant news, the trump government is preparing to sanction “tiktok”, a short video software owned by “byte skipping”, and will stop its business in the United States.

TikTok is tiktok, which is very familiar to us. The software entered the US in 2016, and was popular with young people in the United States. At present, TikTok has more than 100 million American users. < / P > < p > in any aspect, tiktok has only advantages and no disadvantages for the United States! Why should the United States suddenly sanction the software? According to the trump administration, tiktok has the potential to threaten national security. Before that, the United States also used this excuse to punish Huawei. In response, Niu Xinchun, an expert at the China Institute of international relations, said: “tiktok is a Chinese enterprise, and the US crackdown is out of political considerations!” < p > < p > indeed, tiktok has not done anything harmful to the national security and national interests of the United States since it was launched in the United States for four years. Therefore, the statement that “tiktok threatens national security” in the trump administration’s mouth is totally nonsense! 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!