There are at least three of the ten mobile phone composition techniques that photographers often use

When it comes to composition, I don’t know how many pieces Xiaobian has said. Maybe on the road of photography growth, the longest training stage may be composition, and so is mobile photography. Only by learning and mastering the composition skills can you make your photography look not so casual. < / P > < p > in order to let you take good pictures with your hands, Xiaobian has sorted out ten composition techniques that are most commonly used and are very simple and easy to understand. Learn these 10 composition skills, take a tall mobile phone photo, can be comparable with the SLR, so that your works immediately improve the quality. As the old saying goes, the road is as simple as photography. Only when you really master the essence of simplicity can you make a simple and generous work. So simplicity here also requires you to have good design and planning ability, not a single simple, or use less photography elements can. < / P > < p > the common mistake that new photographers make is that they want to shoot everything they want, and always want to take pictures of all the beautiful things they see. This is just the most direct fatal point of good concise composition. As long as there is a strong element that can express the theme of a good photo, the editor suggests that you use subtraction as much as possible to subtract it from the picture. If it really can’t be reduced, you can erase it in later revision. < / P > < p > there may be a lot of small partners who will say whether it is hard to see too much white space. The suggestion here is not to be afraid of the large area of blank space around the main body. We can try the composition of minimalist style: for example, a single prominent subject, a large proportion of uniform dry background. The audience doesn’t have so much time to see the whole picture, so they only need to shoot one subject at a time. If there are too many elements, the audience will feel confused. < / P > < p > too many people like to shoot from a parallel angle, which is why your photos are always the same as those of others. Because you are according to the angle of view of ordinary people’s eyes to shoot, this angle does not know how many times have been photographed, a lot of online search, countless. Imagine how your mobile phone works stand out in this situation? So I suggest you try a new angle. It’s the low angle back shot mentioned in the title above. This is also a very good video shooting perspective. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12