There are too many versions! Android ecology is so chaotic, can Hongmeng system be unified?

In the mobile phone market, we often hear about ecology, but ecology is very easy to say, but it is very difficult to realize it. The reason is very simple, that is, the ecological pattern of mobile phone market has been formed.

and most users don’t know what ecology is. According to the official interpretation of software ecology, with the development of software networking, service, platform, ecology and intelligence, the complexity of software system is increasing, and the user group is growing day by day, and the closed-source organization is gradually changing to open-source architecture.

but the degree of openness of software development is gradually increasing, the scale of software system and its developers is increasing, and the relationship between them is more abundant. They coexist in an interactive ecological environment and form a software ecosystem.

today, we just want to talk about the ecosystem of mobile phones. In the current industry, the ecology of mobile phones is much simpler than the ecology of software and the ecology of the whole industry. The reason is that IOS and Android are the only popular mobile phone systems.

in terms of the current hardware technology and development, Android is not stuck like it used to be. After three or five years of smooth use, there is no pressure on the flagship model.

until recently, I found that the ecology of Android is really too chaotic. This chaos does not mean that the ecology is not perfect, but that the versions are too scattered.

first of all, let’s talk about the problem of software ecology. Recently, I wanted to play games with my friends, but I found that my friends downloaded channel services, namely Huawei version and oppo version. It can be said that different game versions will appear in the mall of each mobile phone, and the login methods are different.

on the contrary, IOS systems are not the same. Only one version can be used, and too many versions will not be distinguished. This is also a big gap.

in addition to the different versions of the game, there are also many different versions of the mobile phone system. From the bottom of Android, there are many different versions. This is also a detailed distinction based on the strength of major mobile phone manufacturers.

then there is the difference of system UI. In the current mobile phone market, there are also great differences in UI systems. From emui to MIUI, and flyme, it can be said that the styles are different. It takes a long time for users to adapt.

for Hongmeng system, the expectation is certainly not low. On the one hand, Huawei has a very high influence, and mobile phone users all support it. Moreover, Hongmeng OS is very similar to IOS, and both are very unique. Maybe it is really different from the chaotic ecosystem of Android.

However, according to the information disclosed in the market, Hongmeng system is about to face the situation of open source, that is to say, Hongmeng OS may also follow the old path of Android system.

although it is impossible to confirm whether Hongmeng system can appear unified ecology in the market or make the game and software ecology less chaotic, the expectation of Hongmeng system is very high.

you should know that it is not difficult to develop a self-developed system. The difficulty lies in how to make consumers willingly accept all kinds of bugs in your new system. This is one of the problems Huawei has to solve at present.

so it’s really a long process to establish the ecology of the domestic system. I’m afraid it’s still an unknown how far away it is from the self-developed mobile phone system. No one can give you a definite answer, only waiting for the response and change of the market.

Author: zmhuaxia