There is a big business hidden in China joy’s “pupil color planet” for the first time

Every year, China joy, the game companies along the Huangpu River will show a building lighting show. After all, such brand exposure is only once a year. Although brand merchants outside the fields of game, digital and science and technology do not have “geographical advantages”, their dream of cross-border participation has always been there.

this year, the color pupil industry has finally ushered in its highlight moment. Tmall pharmaceutical has joined hands with 21 major contact lens brands to create “pupil color planet” IP for the first time on the stage of ChinaJoy.

although these color Tong brands are not well-known at the public level, most of them are already “hot young students” in the venture capital circle. Moody completed the financing of 60 million yuan in June this year. 4inbook completed two rounds of financing in the past year, with a total financing amount of nearly 200 million yuan.

as one of the members of “beauty economy” and “tide economy”, CAITONG brand merchants try to make “houlang” feel their brand charm following the pulse of the times through ChinaJoy, and let the capital see more possibilities of the future of color pupil industry.

“a good color pupil is better than an open eye.” It is popular in the community of Z generation Tonghao, such as quadratic circle, E-sports circle, cos circle, national wind circle, model play circle, etc. Coloring diameter, material, moisture content and color matching with eye shadow. The market penetration rate of the color pupil, which has a strong beauty attribute, still has a lot of room to increase.

according to Ali health data, the sales volume, population and annual customer unit price of color contact lenses have increased year by year, with compound growth rates of 31%, 20.9% and 8.4% respectively in the past three years, and the market growth momentum of color pupil is strong.

in new retail, there is a very famous methodology: e = MC. If e is understood as learning, m as merchant and C as customer, the status of consumers will be further consolidated.

from this point of view, 4inbook, which broke into CAITONG track in 2007, and Hitomi xidomi, which were born in 2011, have established communication with consumers earlier.

but this does not mean that the new brand has lost the opportunity. Cofancy candy, which was founded last year, officially launched its color pupil products with light hybrid style only in March this year. In just over one month, tmall’s flagship store had more than 20000 single product sales orders. Moody, also established last year, launched its products in January this year. With only three single products, the sales of tmall flagship stores exceeded 20 million, and the single product has been ranked first in the tmall industry for many times.

the logic behind this is that the way brands communicate with consumers is changing. Especially when generation Z has become the main force of color pupil consumption, the platform of new sharp brands is more efficient. Online, through the tmall industry insight white paper, to obtain the industry trend and growth market strategy; offline, join hands with ChinaJoy to cross the circle.

how big is ChinaJoy’s stage? According to the statistics of the organizers, the “ChinaJoy plus” cloud exhibition, which was held online for the first time, reached more than 600 million users in four days. During the exhibition, “Tongse planet” also handed over a brilliant report card: the total exposure exceeded 130 million +, with a year-on-year increase of 44%.

it is worth noting that in addition to the emergence of local color Tong brand in the domestic market, Japanese color Tong brand has also begun to enter the vision of Z generation trend consumer groups and become a new consumption trend. This time, the Japanese brands such as zumeitang and Leimei, which appear in the “pupil color planet” camp, all circle a wave of new powder.

for CAITONG brand businesses, whether online or offline, only data is in hand to enable all consumer behaviors to be connected in series and produce qualitative changes from point to surface, so that they can be more targeted when formulating product strategies.

online celebrity recommendation, joint brand interaction and customized gift box make young brands have a big “fun heart”. In addition to being able to “communicate”, they also try to get along with the fashionable and fashionable consumers.

during the period of tmall 618, moody and the world’s classic masterpieces jointly launched a limited edition, which enriched the brand image with the IP image of “innocence and cure” of little prince, and circled several new powders of different circles; when the hot broadcast started, cofancy could sugar cooperate with it, and many program players such as Anqi wore sugar products, which created a good reputation for the brand; jingshuo was produced in Taiwan The cat’s annual new product “dreaming back to Dunhuang little tiannv” has won a wave of praise from national tide Lovers.

in addition to bringing forth new ideas in products, CAITONG brand also pursues the trend and tries to keep close to the entertainment preference of generation Z. For example, micro blog focuses on the topic of “color planet”, 21 major contact lens brands cooperate with tmall to start category carnival; station B, in tmall pharmaceutical marketing activities, cooperates with up owners to deeply plant grass for color pupil categories; and at ChinaJoy site, AR color Tong tries on, Coser deduces color pupil fashion, and join the society to try on films, creating a new consumption mode of user experience interaction, membership and purchase.

through the innovation of playing methods, the head and new sharp brands have also gained what they want. Old players such as ansiyou and boschlon have been deeply engaged in the contact lens market for many years. They have “rejuvenated” through IP cooperation with tmall such as “Tongse planet” and “tmall tonghaopai” to strengthen the brand’s younger label; while new faces such as cofancy candy and moody have been exposed through online and offline multiple channels, and have gained close attention from capital.

facts have proved that such a path is feasible. In this year’s tmall 618, boschlon and ansiyou are catching up with and surpassing the past in the efforts to promote innovation among generation Z consumers. New and old brands have gathered together in tmall’s “Tongse planet” to acquire “tide ability”, innovate new products and new IP, and at the same time, they have joined hands with tmall to occupy nearly 50% of the market share of the whole contact lens industry.

behind “tide capability”, it is not only the extension of commodity cost and value, but also a new evolution of supply chain system with data insight as the starting point.

while calling for high-quality products, consumers also desire more comprehensive consumption scenarios. People, things, space, plot and other scenes that can touch the heart can promote consumption. From cognition to interest, then from interest to purchase, from purchase to loyalty, to advocacy, this is a complete consumer journey.

taking the color pupil industry as an example, the comfort and color of products are standard. In addition, product design, sales channels, brand tonality, concept, culture and so on are all derived from commodities, and can meet the imagination and inner needs of the consumer scene.

consumers are not satisfied with one or several consumption channels, but are always ready to “taste fresh”. This is why CAITONG brand is keen on active online and offline scene marketing. Offline, Ali health and tmall medical platform CAITONG brand participated in the exhibition as “Tongse planet”, promoting health concept, professional eye care knowledge of popular science, and providing good material recommendation for tmall medicine endorsement, bringing consumers a one-stop consumption experience of “playing, learning and having good things”. On the Internet, CAITONG category day and tmall Tonghao day have been held for a long time, which creates an operational brand private field for many new and cutting-edge brands, helping them to be seen and occupied by consumers as soon as possible.

consumers’ consumption demand of “health × fashion” has been met, and CAITONG brands following the trend of tmall’s consumption have also grown rapidly, and the new domestic brand kilala can be a representative among them.

this is an opportunity to break the development bottleneck for those CAITONG brands that have achieved good results offline. 4inbook, which has more than 300 offline direct + joint ventures nationwide and more than 6 million members, as well as Hitomi xidomi, which has more than 300 offline stores and more than 3 million members, has further opened its market online relying on tmall. Through the tmall light store system + intelligent shopping guide system, we can get through the online and offline business scene, so as to realize the linkage of channels, the regulation of goods and the operation of people, and really break through the barriers of traditional retail. It is the first time for consumers to take the lead in the consumption of “China 888” brand. The brand merchants of tmall and “Tongse planet” hold the digital entertainment culture card and share the commercial marketing experience of the new retail “people and goods yard”, so that more color Tong and beauty brands still outside the stage can recognize them and examine themselves. Perhaps, this is a highlight moment for future business. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia