There is a “four don’t sun” principle in the circle of friends. It’s said that it’s easy to have bad luck. Did you get caught?

Not long ago, my cousin had a blind date with someone. It is said that they had a good time talking with each other at the dinner table. My cousin was also very excited. She felt that the other was the kind of person he was looking for. But when I went back to add wechat, the wind changed and my cousin didn’t want to have any more contact with him. We all wondered why it was related to each other’s circle of friends. In today’s information society, we all pay attention to high efficiency. It’s the same with people. How to get to know a new person quickly? Naturally through his circle of friends. It can be seen that today’s circle of friends has become an important social card. < / P > < p > since it’s a social card, anything you send in your circle of friends will affect your image in other people’s eyes. Therefore, what happens in the circle of friends or not is meaningful. One of the “four do not sun” principle, it is said to be easy to have bad luck, to see if you are hit. < p > < p > back to the beginning of the article, why does a cousin break up with a blind date? Is to see him in the circle of friends in the sun is more than dinner, Yan Baoji that kind. It’s nothing to say that it’s nothing to have a dinner with friends, but the feature of each dynamic is either oyster or shark’s fin, and the text is about how high-level the hotel is. There is no mention of friendship or classmates. This made his cousin feel that he was vain and simply avoided. < p > < p > < p > make people think you are vain, even if it is not your intention. After all, what can appear in the circle of friends is something you value more. If your dynamic is full of high-end hotels, aircraft cabin, famous car logo They will be identified as “chasing vanity” and superficial in heart. Not only can’t we get deep trust, but also cooperation can easily collapse. < p > < p > 2. A friend once said that she and her husband went to Hainan and stayed in a five-star hotel by the sea. As a result, my cousin asked to borrow 30000 yuan to purchase goods on wechat within two days. Politely refused to say that no one is ungrateful, “can you run around without money?” The relationship between the two families has been strained ever since. Is this a “tragedy” caused by a dynamic circle of friends? < / P > < p > as the saying goes, “money is not revealed”, always in the circle of friends to show their high consumption, whether intentionally or unintentionally or pretending to be “rich”, it will always attract onlookers who are either jealous or hostile. It’s a small matter to ask you to borrow money. If you have any other wrong ideas, you will still suffer from it. < / P > < p > some people don’t like to eat, drink and travel. They usually eat and dine together without sun drying, so they like to sun their own travel itineraries. With some pictures, plus some freehand writing, it is equivalent to a casual travel essay. A few years later, if you look at your circle of friends and see your footprints, you will feel inexplicable comfort. < / P > < p > some friends like to report their whereabouts in the circle of friends, such as where they have gone in the morning, what they have seen, where they are going to leave in the afternoon, what dates they have come from, what flights they have taken, and when they have to leave by plane. This is like an online direct broadcast. If someone in the circle of friends has a heart, he can show up in front of you in minutes. It’s light to be chased and blocked by someone who secretly loves you. If someone hates you, I’m afraid it will be followed. A friend likes to travel, and he often makes some thoughts when he prints pictures. A small long holiday, she went out to travel, in the circle of friends to print pictures and publish articles, “this is the real freedom, I really hope so every day.”. When I went back to work, my boss came to her and said, “I don’t think you are serious about this part of work. Do you have other ideas? We must have a correct attitude. ” My friends were puzzled and finally found that the problem was in their circle of friends. Look, a paragraph of words in the circle of friends can lead to a “disaster free”. < / P > < p > there are always people in the circle of friends who show love. It’s OK to say that two or three times a year shows love, but some people have to show it once every other time, which makes people feel bored. In fact, there are side effects. < / P > < p > love is a more private thing. The sweetness of love can be perceived by two people. If it is always publicized to the public, either the person who is exposed to the sun has the desire to perform, or what is missing is highlighted. The more frequent the show of love, the more it shows that the person is not often loved, or lack of security, eager to prove to the outside world that he is loved. Moreover, there is a law that “show love, die soon”. Once they break up, the past love in the circle of friends becomes a joke in others’ mouth, and this pit is dug by ourselves. Many parents have reached a consensus that children should not be exposed to the sun. On the one hand, the bad guys have made up their minds to sun up the children’s face. Once there was a news that a trafficker went to the kindergarten to pick up the children with photos downloaded from the circle of friends, and almost succeeded. On the other hand, parents always think that their baby is cute, even when they cry and pee their pants, but others may not think so. < / P > < p > some people may say that in the circle of friends, if you don’t let the sun shine, what else can you do? In fact, the above contents are not completely incapable of drying up. They will group the friends in the circle of friends. They will only see their relatives and friends, and make complaints about friends and family members in the sun, so that they can share the people who want to share, and reduce the interference to the irrelevant people, while protecting privacy. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!