There is a lot of “moisture” in live broadcasting with goods from 20 yuan

Original title: 20 yuan from the brush single live with goods “moisture” a lot

Live with goods as the day, but there is also a lot of heat moisture, brush single phenomenon occurs frequently. According to the investigation of Beijing Business Daily reporter, small advertisements of brushing fans, broadcasting and orders can be found everywhere on the Internet. Starting from 20 yuan, you can get at least 20000 times of broadcasting, even customized requirements. According to some sellers who provide order brushing services, the monthly trading volume can reach hundreds or even thousands of items.

Thousands of transactions per month

Nowadays, it seems that brushing orders has become a routine operation of live broadcasting with goods. A reporter from Beijing business daily searched the Internet with keywords such as “live broadcast”, “broadcast volume”, “fans” and “order”, and many introductions claiming to be able to provide swipe service appeared. Tens of thousands of broadcast volumes and hundreds of likes can be obtained at a price of tens of dollars.

According to the transaction information released by a seller, if you pay 20 yuan, you can get 20000 times of play, at least 100 likes and no less than 15 shares; if you pay 50 yuan, you can get no less than 300 and 50 likes and shares on the basis of 60000 times of play, and even get 5 live comments. After that, the higher the amount of payment, the more the amount of broadcast, like and live comments.

Mr. Wu, the seller, told Beijing Business Daily that the order can be operated on the same day. If there are requirements for the time node of order brushing, you can communicate in advance. At the same time, the content of real person comments can be arranged in advance. “I can help you achieve what effect you want to achieve.”.

Not only the amount of broadcast, the amount of praise and the amount of comments, but also the sales volume of live broadcast with goods. “We are not responsible for the payment in advance when placing an order. We need you to call the money for the order. In addition, we will charge a certain service fee. The specific amount depends on the amount of order you expect to pay.” Mr. Li, the seller in charge of sales, said.

All kinds of swipe transaction, and even live with the heat of the goods itself. From the monthly trading volume of some sellers, it can be found that not a few of them have realized hundreds of items. And Mr. Li said, now live with goods more and more popular, trading volume also appears the trend of growth, the circle reached thousands of transactions in a single month is not an example.

Software system + manual operation

Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that at this stage, people who brush orders mainly through system software and manual operation.

Mobile phone tiktok, according to Mr. Wu, has many software on the Internet to control multiple phones simultaneously and batch, and then to do the laundry on the platform of Kwai, jitter and so on. “The software system I use can control thousands of mobile phones at the same time by one computer, watch live broadcast, like, forward, follow and so on. In addition, by setting on the system, the mobile phone can also comment on the live content. These are all patterned operations. You only need to set them up in advance, and then you can operate according to your needs in the later stage. You don’t need to spend more energy. “

However, the one click operation of the software system is also easy to be detected by the live broadcast platform. At this time, the way of manual operation will come to the surface. At present, there are some chat groups specially set up for order swiping on the network, and a large number of manual operators receive and swipe orders in the group.

Ms. Huang is a member of the manual operation. “When you enter the group, you should first pay a certain fee as the group fee. The price generally ranges from 100 to 300 yuan. According to the amount of payment, the acceptable tasks are also different, but as long as you enter the group, you can receive multiple swipe information every day. Generally speaking, the real comments and product sales volume need to be operated manually. The more I swipe, the higher my income will be. I once realized that I earned more than 2000 yuan by swiping one month. “.

Nearly trillion market scale

The reason why the behavior of swiping orders appears frequently is first related to the merchants’ efforts to create momentum. In addition, according to industry practice, the sales volume of live broadcasting rooms will be related to the revenue and commission that MCN organizations can obtain. Therefore, some anchors and MCN organizations will also take the initiative to brush orders to ensure their revenue.

“In order to avoid the withdrawal of the service fee and obtain the Commission, the anchor and MCN organizations will place their own orders to make up the sales volume, and then recover the investment amount by means of return. Generally, the merchants with live broadcast are allowed to have a certain percentage of return rate. Therefore, this operation not only completes the target task, but also achieves the goal Commission. ” Mr. Zhou, the relevant person in charge of a MCN organization, said.

And in the brush single behind, is live with goods broad market scale. According to the data released by AI media consulting, the total scale of China’s live broadcast e-commerce industry will reach 433.8 billion yuan in 2019. In 2020, not only will China’s online live broadcast users reach 524 million. As one of the hottest emerging business models, the scale of live broadcast e-commerce will also further increase, making the total scale of the industry expected to exceed 900 billion yuan and reach nearly 10000 yuan 100 million yuan.

Larger market dividends attract all parties to enter the market one after another. In order to get a bigger cake, it is inevitable that some people will find a shortcut. Earlier this month, the fast hand Kwai hung “little Yi” had been carrying live goods, and the foreign officials announced that the turnover was over 100 million yuan. However, not long after, there were more than 8 million 266 thousand big micro-blog V reports, which showed that the sales of “little Yi” were 8 million 266 thousand yuan and 8 million 554 thousand and 300 yuan respectively, according to the real-time monitoring data from the two sides.

It is self-evident that the drawback of the single brush. Consumers will be cheated because of false numbers and buy products that are not worthy of the name or they do not need. If they are often misled, they will be disgusted with live broadcasting and goods, and no longer have consumption desire, which may directly cut off the development space of the whole market.

In addition, there will be brand side in the malicious brush single bear losses. Four days ago, Hangzhou Ziyi culture media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ziyi culture”) sent a letter to Hangzhou Purun Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Purun culture”), asking the other party to return the pit service fee and compensate for all losses. According to Ziyi culture, the company paid a service fee of 200000 yuan for the live broadcast pit of Purun culture, while Purun culture promised to complete the sales of 500000 yuan. However, due to the malicious swipe of Purun culture, it not only failed to complete the sales requirements, but also led to the fact that the brand shop was identified as a false transaction by Taobao platform, and was punished by reducing the right and deducting 12 points, causing huge economic losses to the brand and the company.

Xu Shan, an investment analyst, believes that the high broadcast volume and sales volume decorated with swipe sheets, on the one hand, proves that the anchor has failed to mobilize consumers’ desire to buy, on the other hand, it will also bring damage to businesses and brands. The resources paid can not get real returns, leading to the avoidance of live broadcasting and goods. In the long run, it will make the market unable to move forward.

Boiling point investigation group of Beijing Business Daily

(editor in chief: Zhao Chao, LV Qian)