There is no countdown! Reno4 pro’s “overtaking on corners” is not inferior to Huawei nova7 pro

When it comes to the mobile phones with the strongest photo taking ability, many people believe that the shadow of “Huawei” mobile phones will appear in their minds. It has to be said that Huawei has indeed promoted the development of mobile phone imaging, but with the follow-up of many manufacturers, Huawei products are no longer the only choice for users who like to shoot. For example, Huawei nova7 Pro is facing oppo reno4 pro’s challenge in the price range of 3500 yuan. < / P > < p > in terms of hardware, Huawei nova7 Pro adopts a 64 megapixel zoom four shot scheme, but there is a 2-megapixel macro lens, which does not improve the shooting. Therefore, it is nicknamed as “make up” lens by netizens. Reno4 Pro has adopted three shooting schemes, which are 64 million pixel main camera, 13 million pixel long focus lens and 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens. Each lens performs its own duties, which makes it have the shooting ability to challenge or even surpass Huawei nova7 pro. When facing the scene with sufficient light, the two models have good imaging performance, but show some differences in color processing. The color adjustment of the pictures taken by Huawei nova7 Pro is more realistic and closer to the scene seen by the naked eye. The reno4 Pro pictures are lightened, the color saturation is higher, the overall impression is more pleasant, and the trouble of secondary creation is avoided. Surprisingly, Huawei’s nova7 Pro clearly has higher pixels, but for the sharpness of detail lines and noise control, it seems that Huawei’s shooting algorithm still has room for improvement. < / P > < p > super wide angle shooting is the most common shooting method at present, and both models are equipped with special ultra wide angle lens. It is not difficult to see from the comparison of the pictures that reno4 PRO makes full use of the advantages of ultra wide angle lens with high pixels, which makes the details more delicate. At the same time, it also continues the color adjustment style of high saturation, which makes the picture more transparent. Huawei nova7 Pro has a larger viewing range, but the sky is a little purple, and the overall view is still inferior to reno4 pro. < / P > < p > in telephoto shooting, Huawei nova7 Pro is equipped with a periscope telephoto lens, which can capture more distant pictures. When shooting in 5x mode, the picture can retain more details. Reno4 pro in the 5x zoom detail processing is really a bit inferior, not too high saturation color adjustment is really more pleasant, more suitable for ordinary users to shoot. < / P > < p > although both models provide special night view mode, Huawei nova7 Pro does not significantly improve the image quality, and the overall visual impression is still dim, and many details are lost. Reno4 Pro relies on the “Ai super clear night scene” function to make the picture more bright. The sausage roaster and Wangzai milk on both sides of the screen are clearly visible. At the same time, reno4 Pro optimizes the color based on this to make the drinks more attractive, which makes the roadside stalls look like a boutique. < / P > < p > it is not difficult to see from several sets of sample photos that reno4 Pro has indeed achieved “overtaking on the curve” in shooting. Huawei nova7 Pro has certain advantages in long-range shooting, and the former performs better in other shooting scenes, especially in color adjustment. Therefore, reno4 Pro is obviously a more suitable choice for users who like to shoot at will. Now, reno4 series can enjoy interest free for up to 24 periods during the 818 activities, which is a good time to start and deserves to be focused on. Older posts →