There is no need to worry about purchasing 5g mobile phones during the National Day holiday. The inventory of three cost-effective models from 1999 to 3499

The National Day holiday is a long lost opportunity for many people. In the long holiday, we have more leisure time to do some personal things. I believe that many users will also choose to change a new type of mobile phone during the National Day holiday. After all, most of the current mobile phones will become very popular after using them for more than three years. Today, xiaom will recommend several ultra-high cost-effective models from 1999 yuan to 3499 yuan, which can save more precious time for you, and at the same time, can buy excellent models at a good price. < / P > < p > redmi K30 premium commemorative edition is undoubtedly the most worth buying 1999 yuan model. Its excellent performance price ratio is reflected in all aspects. It has a 6.67 inch Samsung 120Hz refresh rate AMOLED screen, and MediaTek Tianji 1000 + processor with a running point of more than 50W. The rare dual speakers and linear motors at this price point reflect the sincerity of redmi K30 premium commemorative edition no matter which hardware. < / P > < p > it can be said that the redmi K30 supreme commemorative edition has surpassed the level of the flagship. However, in order to maintain the ultra-low starting price of 1999 yuan, redmi K30 supreme commemorative edition has made some compromises. For example, its camera module seems to have 2000W pixels in front and 6400w + 1300W + 500W + 200W pixels in the rear, which is exactly the same as redmi K30 pro. In fact, the Sony imx686 sensor is degraded to imx682 sensor, but the shooting effect is still remarkable at the same price. < p > < p > iqoo neo3 is a light flagship model with game pedigree, and it is also one of the lower price snapdragon 865 models. At the same time, it is also a very rare model using snapdragon 865 + LCD material screen. Its screen size is 6.57 inches, and supports an ultra-high refresh rate of 144hz. Each slide can bring users a silky experience. < / P > < p > this model takes into account both the experience of E-sports and the shooting effect. It is equipped with a single lens with 1600W pixels in front and a triple camera module with 4800W + 800W + 500W pixels in the rear. Although iqoo neo3 carries a lot of high-performance high-quality hardware, iqoo neo3 does not exceed the 200g weight of 5g mobile phone, and its 198.1g fuselage is also light and thin. < / P > < p > although Lenovo’s rescuer E-sports mobile phone Pro is not famous, it is also a rare excellent cost-effective model. At the same time, it is also an orthodox game phone. Its powerful performance and cool appearance make it very worthwhile to buy. Its screen is made of 6.65 inch AMOLED material and also supports 144hz ultra-high refresh rate. But its processor is stronger, a snapdragon 865 plus processor allows players in the game faster, no go and no disadvantage. < / P > < p > as an orthodox game phone, its shooting performance is fair, with 2000W pixels in front and 6400w + 1600W pixels in the rear. However, the common fault of game phones, which is too heavy, is not immune. The weight of the bare machine is 239g, plus the film and the mobile phone case, it is a proper half Jin machine. < / P > < p > the above three models are worth buying. In addition, in this price range, glory X10, realme X7 Pro are also excellent choices. After all, it takes at least one or two years to use a mobile phone. Buying an excellent mobile phone can greatly improve the user experience. I hope readers can buy a suitable model for themselves. New product launch