There may be a big problem with this iPhone! Apple official: screen can be changed for free

Apple has now added a global repair service plan for the iPhone 11 in an announcement on its official website. Apple said that some devices manufactured between November 2019 and may 2020 will stop responding to touch, and apple can repair it free of charge if the user’s device meets the requirements. However, according to the feedback from some netizens, many people did not find the announcement. Xiaobian helped you find it. Click “technical support” in the top column of the official website, and then pull down the bottom of the page. In the apple service plan, there is “iPhone 11 display module replacement plan for touch problems”. < / P > < p > Step 1: if you have the above problems with your iPhone 11, please use the serial number query tool in the announcement to check whether your device is eligible for the program. If the conditions are met, apple or Apple’s authorized service provider will provide maintenance service free of charge. < / P > < p > Step 2: before providing any services, technicians will check your iPhone to verify that your device meets the requirements of the program. You can find an Apple authorized service provider or visit the apple store retail store. < / P > < p > note 1: if there is any damage to your iPhone 11 that will affect the completion of the repair, you need to solve the problem before you repair it. In some cases, additional maintenance may be required. < / P > < p > note 3: this apple global program does not extend the standard warranty period for the iPhone 11. Your consumer rights are not affected by this program. < / P > < p > note 4: if you think your iPhone 11 has been affected by this problem, and you have paid for the repair of your device, you can contact Apple for a refund. < / P > < p > note 5: This program provides protection for affected iPhone 11 devices for a period of 2 years from the date of the first retail sale of the device. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo